Do It With A Smile

Written by: PP on 26/06/2021 12:12:57

Thirdface is a caustic hardcore band from Nashville, whose debut album "Do It With A Smile" is about as ferocious as it gets. In just over 22 minutes and 12 tracks, they deliver an unadulterated, razor-sharp injection of pure chaos that even Converge could be proud of, fueled by the piercing vocals of Kathryn Edwards who puts many of her male counterparts to shame through her raucous, throat-ripping performance.

Lo-fi distortion, stop/start sequences, two-steppable rhythms, and old-school groove are the name of the game on "Do It With A Smile". It's a no-bullshit, straight-up approach to hardcore with a metallic edge that oozes raw urgency and immediacy throughout. There's a clear focus on highlighting issues relating to racism and sexism in the lyrical universe, a fitting choice of topics given the menacing rage that Kathryn Edwards displays in each song.

Tempo-wise, Thirdface rotates lightning speed d-beat passages and slow, atmospherics in the vein of Code Orange to accentuate their savage fury. With an experimentalist approach to guitars and a searing ambiance overall, the soundscape is guaranteed to be one of the most arduous listening experiences this year, given how excruciatingly harsh and violent their expression is. Not one for the faint-hearted.


Download: Chosen, Customary, Buck, No Hope
For the fans of: Converge, Dangers, Code Orange
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Release date 05.03.2021
Exploding In Sound Records

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