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It's about a decade back now but some in the Danish scene will remember the name L.A. Collection, which was the moniker under which Lucer used to tour across the Danish underground scene playing faithful AC/DC-inspired, attitude-driven rock'n'roll songs. Back in 2014 they rebirthed the band as Lucer, starting off with playing The Hives style garage rock songs on debut album "Bring Me Good News". Well, now they've come full circle as they've just released the demo materials from the old years as a full-length simply named as "L.A. Collection".

Back then, the problem with L.A. Collection was the sheer amount of cliché that made them basically unbearable for anyone but the High Voltage/The Rock faithful - the latter of which presumably are in wild attendance at the Cannonball festival, arguably the coming year's biggest facepalm lineup-wise. After all, they are ripping off AC/DC without any shame, putting them in the exact same category as the likes of Airbourne. Whereas Wolfmother and The Vintage Caravan are among examples that energized a tired, cliché riddled genre of straight-up rock'n'roll through virtuoso craftsmanship and insane live shows, L.A. Collection was about trying to rebirth it as if four decades music didn't exist in between. That is exactly why "Vintage Rock'N'Roll" sounds about as dated and derivate as songs come from its big rock star chorus to its wave-your-arms-around type of stadium riffs. It's simply unoriginal and uninteresting even in its own genre.

Yet on "L.A. Collection", Lucer showcases a couple of tracks where they've somehow, inexplicably, managed to create darn catchy musicianship and rowdy, infectious vocals. "Make My Getaway" (on a Rolls-Royce, no less) and "Living On The Line" are two examples of tracks with some serious sing-along potential, but it is "Straight To The Bone" that captivates with its instantly memorable croons and faithful riffage that are about every bit as good as the very best material in rock'n'roll hall of fame. Had every track on the record been like these three, we'd be talking some serious hype about Lucer just like we did on their debut album.

Alas, the rest of the record is all too happy just cloning AC/DC and never really giving you enough reason to pick this Lucer record instead of kicking up some original AC/DC records. It's the exact question I have for Airbourne fans: why the hell would you listen to this when you can listen to the better band that sounds exactly the same? Still, it's not as bad as some of our fellow media have deemed it. But even better still, Lucer's normal material isn't anything like this and warrants listens for its own merit.

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For the fans of: AC/DC, Airbourne
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Release date 30.07.2021
Mighty Music

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