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"Unmaker" is the third album by the Copenhagen sludge metal outfit LLNN, and by far their most ambitious one yet. Ever since their formation from the ashes of The Psyke Project, their soundscape has been characterized by its abstract heaviness, making any listening experience an esoteric one given its savage, cataclysmic sonic weight. But here, they've outdone their past selves. "Unmaker" is like listening to an earthquake: an ear-shattering experience of sludge metal combined with post-metal echoes to keep the soundscape in at least some kind of balance.

But despite its abrasive, monstrously heavy nature that has been described with all kinds of words like heavy, thick, dense, crushing et. al, LLNN are quite careful in ensuring the package is still listenable by reinforcing the post-metal elements that have always been a foundational part of their sound. Here, the synths that were previously present in a nondistinct fashion have been integrated as an essential part of the expression. They encompass the soundscape in an industrial, futuristic ambiance that, according to their own words, is inspired by science fiction and various video games. But additionally, they have also captured all sorts of real-world sounds from saws to other elements, which have been modulated and adjusted after the fact in the studio environment. The resulting effect is a cinematic landscape that acts as a nice contrast to the otherwise punishing, unforgiving heaviness that permeates their sound.

Still, the "Unmaker" sound is a sludgy, muddled one despite its post-metal elements. It's not for the faint-hearted nor those looking for melodies in their mix. Vocalist Christian Bonnesen's growl is unadulterated and diabolic, and that may continue to be off-putting to some. But then again, LLNN isn't exactly targeting that crowd. Their sole objective is to forge unsavory sonic convulsions of ugly, brooding Scandinavian darkness interpreted through a modern lens that puts them at the forefront of that genre. With tracks like "Obsidian", "Forger", "Interloper" and "Interloper" in the mix, they should raise some eyebrows internationally with this relentlessly unforgiving release.


Download: Obsidian, Imperial, Interloper, Forger
For the fans of: Celeste, Amenra, The Psyke Project, Neurosis
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Release date 24.09.2021
Pelagic Records

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