No Resistance

Written by: PP on 04/10/2021 19:57:19

You might recognize Reset as the band that Simple Plan vocalist Justin Pierre started with guitarist Philippe Jolicoeur in the 90s back when both of them were only 13 years old. Pierre hasn't been in the band since the birth of Simple Plan but Jolicoeur has kept the band alive all these years, specializing in blisteringly technical skate punk that draws parallels to the likes of Belvedere, Bigwig, and Atlas Losing Grip to name but a few. "No Resistance" is their first album in eight years and their sixth overall, yet it continues along the same path as their previous output.

That is, breakneck speed skate punk characterized by complicated fretwork and a distinct metallic edge to the solos that feels a little out of place in what is otherwise a melodic skate punk expression. Jolicoeur's clean vocals have a pop punkish tinge to them, resulting in a few catchy hooks on "Breaking Bad" and "Freedom" in particular, not to mention the ridiculously fast version of The Beatles' "Yesterday" that is among the highlights on the record. "Kalifornia"'s summery vibes and shredded guitars take you towards heavier albums by New Found Glory, albeit the intricate guitar work is miles more advanced than said band ever had in their repertoire.

But save for the virtuoso-like craftsmanship, Reset's expression anno 2021 feels quite generic in the melodic punk realm. The nonstop solos rarely feel more than a chance to showcase technical ability, whilst the choruses just aren't catchy enough overall to stick with you. The songs are mostly decent, however as a whole, "No Resistance" is lacking in true highlights that you'll remember a couple of months down the line.


Download: Freedom, Breaking Bad, Kalifornia, Reshape Digital Frontiers
For the fans of: Belvedere, Bigwig, Strung Out, Atlas Losing Grip, Satanic Surfers, (old) New Found Glory
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Release date 23.04.2021
People Of Punk Rock Records

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