Glow On

Written by: PP on 04/10/2021 21:03:54

Think different. That might as well be the slogan of Turnstile going forward, given the sheer amount of fresh experimentalism they bring to hardcore, effectively twisting the genre upside down on the third album "Glow On". After a difficult sophomore album, few thought the band would once again be able to blow away our collective faces like they did on "Nonstop Feeling" six years ago, but it so turns out they were just getting started. "Glow On" is not only a return to form but it is once again a new benchmark against which hardcore bands must be judged.

Where "Time & Space" ventured too far into testosterone-laden basic hardcore, losing their signature style innovation in the process, "Glow On" does the opposite. It brings back the eclectic integration of unconventional styles to hardcore, where the crunchy, heavy-hitting guitars reference old school origins of the genre, while elements of indie rock, electronic music, and even samba are thrown in for good measure.

A great example is "Underwater Boi", which could've been on a Turnover record until its two-step rhythm kicks in with the electronic effects on the background. Then you have a song like "Humanoid / Shake It Up" that dives into Angel Du$t style unusual hardcore-turns-power-pop, before instigating yet another circle pit by a diversion into the world of crunchy guitars moments after.

Vocalist Brendan Yates delivers his best performance yet, from viciously spat out hardcore barks that morph into soothing indie-rock anthems, funk, and just about everything in between (see the pop-laden "Alien Love Call" as an extreme example). Together with additional instrumentation and effects like cowbell and handclaps, he masterfully forges a soundscape gushing of fresh ideas and unadulterated energy at the same time. The outcome is an expression that's about as dynamic and complete as it gets, destructively smashing apart a boxed definition of hardcore with a sledgehammer into a million pieces. It's a creative record that not only marks an evolution in sound for Turnstile but as one YouTube commenter so aptly put it, gives you a diverse festival lineup all in one band and one record. In other words, it's the kind of record signature sounds are made out of.


Download: Blackout, Don't Play, Underwater Boi, Holiday, Wild Wrld, T.L.C
For the fans of: Angel Du$t, Fugazi, Cruel Hand, Backtrack, (old) Beastie Boys
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Release date 27.08.2021

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