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Written by: PP on 14/10/2021 00:04:45

Good Sleepy is an undiscovered gem from Worcester, Massachusetts, if you can call a band signed to No Sleep Records undiscovered, but with just over 500 followers on Facebook, they absolutely fall in this category. I stumbled upon their sophomore album "everysinglelittlebit" by chance; "suffokate" appeared on a randomized YouTube Music playlist personalized to my taste during a board game night and the band's emotionally charged expression has stuck with me ever since.

Stylistically, the band combines math rock with Midwestern emo, post-rock, and indie-rock flavor. In the process, they draw influence from Moneen's mid-2000s heartfelt emo, the ultra-technical guitars from Damiera, with a good amount of classic emo revival thrown in with higher-pitch clean vocals that you might hear on a record by Algernon Cadwaller or a Tigers Jaw album for that matter.

The result is an intricate, complex expression that benefits from a shouty, dual-vocal delivery that oozes passion and honesty throughout. The guitars go in seemingly all directions at once, delivering a sparkling soundscape that results in mesmerizingly beautiful songs like "childlike" that deserve to become cult classics in due time. Throw in "dihappy" and especially the aforementioned "suffokate", and the real question becomes how the hell has nobody caught onto these guys just yet? The passion amidst their unpolished expression is palpable, ideal for sweaty, basement-style shows or the smaller stages at FEST where bands like these perform to the lucky few just before breaking out within the scene. The songs are just too good to suggest otherwise.

"everysinglelittlebit" is the kind of record with a youthful spirit and a sense of genuine feeling that's difficult to capture once you've escaped your local scene. It's an album where you'll find yourself raving about it to your friends within the scene, letting them know this is the band they simply must check out while they're still undiscovered. And with the brilliant contrast between the complicated fretwork and the melancholic emotional howls creating perfect surroundings for intimate sing-alongs, expect Good Sleepy to snowball in popularity as touring opens up in the US post-Covid-19.


Download: suffokate, dihappy, childlike, sun aside, it's never quiet enough
For the fans of: Moneen, Damiera, Algernon Cadwaller, Rooftops, Wavelets, Look Mexico, Tigers Jaw, TTNG, Free Throw
Listen: Facebook

Release date 21.05.2021
No Sleep Records

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