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No stranger to stylistic change, we meet yet another version of Frank Carter on "Sticky", his fourth album with The Rattlesnakes. Where "End Of Suffering" went all-in on dramatic singer-songwriter that effectively came across as a rebellious rock'n'roll opera, on this one we're exploring danceable tunes with subtle rave vibes and hip-hop nuances instead. In other words, the urban music styles, whilst retaining his trademark venomous lyricism and sharp delivery in the process.

Firstly, you'll notice that "Sticky" is a considerably louder and more aggression-laden record than its predecessor. Songs like "Bang Bang" have Carter borderline breaking into a scream, even if otherwise the song features pop artist Lynks and industrially-tuned riffs to boot. It's almost like listening to a steroid-laden version of The Streets once we reach Lynks' guest verse towards the end of the song.

The guest appearances don't stop there, either. Joe Talbot (Idles), electro-pop artist Cassyette, and Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie all appear in various roles throughout the record. The natural result of such a blend is an album that feels more dramatic than ever before in Frank's past, with far less focus on rock'n'roll than on pop-laden, danceable elements. Songs like "My Town" may be vicious vocally, but instrumentally and wholistically they are more fitting to a clubbing environment than to a hardcore show.

But that seems to be the point on "Sticky" as well. It's a definitive goodbye to songs rooted in a hardcore base and a megalomaniac attempt at a fusionist, urban rock'n'roll soundscape that's highlighted on "Go Get A Tattoo" (feat. Lynks again) and its rapped verses. It's experimental; but not so much as to alienate existing Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes fans. Just rock'n'roll enough, so to say, to ensure folks like me still enjoy the record to a decent enough extent while potentially attracting a legion of new fans from bordering genres and styles, for whom the older harrowing hardcore cuts may have been too rough of an ask. Still, I can't help but secretly hope for another record more in the vein of "Blossom" - and less of this and "End Of Suffering", please.

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Release date 15.10.2021
International Death Cult

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