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Den Døde Sol

Written by: PP on 09/12/2021 18:39:33

Danish metallic hardcore quartet Nyt Liv have reached their sophomore album with "Den Døde Sol", an improvement in just about every aspect to their 2019 debut album "Ensomhedens Kolde Kald". The production value has increased significantly, allowing for a more versatile and accentuated black'n'roll expression. Now, if that wording brings about memories of Kvelertak's debut album, then you're absolutely right, as Nyt Liv here forge a perfect composite of the raw, yet high-tempo shredding of Kvelertak and the more misanthropic, coarse form of blackened hardcore as championed by the likes of Modern Life Is War, or more locally, Parasight.

The lyrics are still yelled exclusively in Danish, which may limit their international exposure, yet stylistically they've now reached a point where touring outside of Denmark starts to make sense. Songs like the rowdy album opener "Givet Op", the haunting and atmospheric "Dit Liv", and the uncompromising "Føler Ingenting" all display a band hitting all the right notes to deliver an expression brooding with the classic Scandinavian winter misery. It's a bleak soundscape - from here comes the blackened part of their expression - yet optimistic and upbeat in its final ambiance, thanks to the high tempo shredding, the coarsely screamed vocal delivery, and the groovy melodies throughout. It's like rock'n'roll meets black metal and hardcore all at once.

With crisp production by Brad Boatright (Nails, Ceremony, Modern Life Is War, et al) all the detail is vividly on display here. The desolate guitar distortion rings in your ears whilst Michael Aagesen's decipherable, but sufficiently raw shrieks encompass the atmosphere in pure desperation. When put together, especially when considering "Den Døde Sol" as a whole, the resulting expression is uniform and memorable at the same time. A great addition to a Danish hardcore year that has already seen so many solid albums by the scene at large.


Download: Givet Op, Dit Liv, Begrav Dig Selv, Mens Livet Forsvinder
For the fans of: Kvelertak, Anti Ritual, Modern Life Is War, Parasight
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Release date 19.11.2021

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