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Written by: PP on 12/12/2021 12:49:09

Arguer is a brand new UK duo specializing in soothing, indie-flavored emo with equal measures of alternative rock and pop punk mixed in on debut EP "Distant". It features four tracks of dreamy, introspective material that softly lingers in the atmosphere, avoiding needless dramatics and focusing on clear melodies and depth-laden song structures instead.

It's just catchy enough to stick to your mind - see "Phantom" for example - while occasionally dipping into a heavier realm on "Sequins". Here, the band has been compared to Deftones guitar-wise, even if it's a more subtle reference rather than a direct derivative. Then on "Revive", Arguer dives headfirst into explosive pop punk that combines the energy of The Story So Far and the nostalgia-laden soundscapes of Alkaline Trio. The latter band is also audible on EP opener "Queen", albeit Arguer delivers a fully emotional, higher-pitched style that brings to mind Tigers Jaw records.

But despite having plenty of references to other acts, it never feels like Arguer is copying any of their influences. Instead, they merely sound like a product of their inspiration, resulting in four excellent songs that suggest a brilliant debut album, should they keep this level of consistency up. At just four tracks, it's a little short to evaluate whether they'll be able to muster an album's worth of bangers like these, but it's a hell of a start.

Download: Queen, Phantom
For the fans of: Tigers Jaw, Alkaline Trio, The Swellers
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Release date 09.07.2021
Real Ghost Records

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