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Alone In A Dome

Written by: PP on 12/12/2021 13:48:47

It's been seven long years since The Copyrights released their excellent 2014 album "Report", a masterclass in no-bullshit, straight-forward no-frills pop punk. Now the band has come out of hiding with their seventh album and their Fat Wreck Chords debut, "Alone In A Dome". It's a record that continues pretty much exactly from where "Report" left off, save for a production that's less rough-around-the-edges and more geared towards wider audiences this time around.

Fortunately, the adjusted production value does not translate into a worse record or any other stylistic change. For example, the high-energy onslaught of "Halos" is impossible to not sing along to, suggesting it will be a massive hit in a live environment given its energy explosion. And the rest of the record follows suit: upbeat, high-energy, simple chord-based tunes with infectiously catchy vocals and a party atmosphere throughout, even in the mid-tempo songs.

Expect lots of PBR shakeups at coming FEST sets where songs like "Pretender" lead the way. Its bright, melodically ringing guitars and rhythmically bouncing vocals take you away on a ridiculously catchy sing-along ride. It's just so unpretentious, humble, and at the same time addictive that you can't help but wonder why other bands have to go into dramatic heights when something so simple can sound so good when passion is so vividly on display as is the case here.

"Before Midnight" is another great example with its instantly memorable "there's nooooothing in the shaaadoooows / that's scarier as what you see in the light of day" chorus hook - if this song doesn't get you off your feet, then pop punk just isn't for you.

My only gripe with "Alone In A Dome" is the production. It's a little bit too much on the clean side, where a slightly glitchy, roughened one would've made songs like "No Dissertation" even rowdier than they sound like in this format. But it's but a minor note on an otherwise solid record of no-frills pop punk.

Download: Halos, Part Of The Landscape, Pretender, Before Midnight, No Dissertation
For the fans of: The Dopamines, Dear Landlord, Direct Hit!
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Release date 22.10.2021
Fat Wreck Chords

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