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Written by: PP on 13/12/2021 19:18:54

Glue Kiss is a brand new rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark, who aren't afraid to mix up a bunch of different genres on their debut album "Platonic". Ranging from grunge to punk-fueled indie rock and alternative rock, their expression can appear schizophrenic when you compare the 90s Seattle vibes on the progressive grunge piece "Flowing Through Zen" to the album opener "Silhouette Cool". The latter is an upbeat, energetic indie/punk track that carries itself with similar energy as Arctic Monkeys did during the early part of their career, which is why it feels strange having a grunge track sandwiched between it and "Dealbreaker".

But such dichotomy is omnipresent on the record. The variance from indie rock to distorted alternative rock is continuous throughout, which means their overall expression is very confusing. They can muster a couple of catchy melodies on occasion, but unfortunately, they are also plagued by annoying vocals that can only be described as whingy. As to why the vocalist constantly opts to swing wildly up and down the octave in his delivery is a mystery considering how irritable it sounds as a result. It's a shame because otherwise tracks like "Glue Kiss" echo a similarly creative sentiment as we've seen Angel Du$t showcase lately.

As for overall consistency, "Platonic" ranges from decent to mediocre. The bounciest tracks like the ones mentioned in this review have potential, but songs like "Wanna Do" and "Food Chain Friend" shouldn't have made the cut. All of it suggests that Glue Kiss has some work to do in terms of their songwriting before they are ready to play outside their local scene.


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For the fans of: Psyched Up Janis, Arctic Monkeys, Angel Du$t
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Release date 28.05.2021

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