Bong Mountain

The Battle Of Bong Mountain

Written by: PP on 28/12/2021 12:49:32

Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Bong Mountain is the latest in a long line of bands cherishing the beloved Midwestern punk sound on their debut album "The Battle Of Bong Mountain", which follows their fan-favorite debut EP "You're Doing Great". It features similarly optimistic, uplifting sing-alongs as Iron Chic, particularly on fantastic opener "Top Ridge", which indicates Bong Mountain should be a fixture on coming FESTs from here onwards. The vocals are nicely rough-around-the-edges, reaching into equivalent levels of gravel as Red City Radio did on their debut album. "Black Cat", for instance, features sing-along lyrics and an atmosphere similarly rowdy as their early work.

What makes Bong Mountain stand out is their story-based lyrics that are delivered with a boatload of emotion and passion. The shout-out loud style vocals of Chris Lidstone are convincingly gruff, creating a perfect setting for beer-fueled sing-alongs at basements across the punk scene. Songs like "Swant Song" and others echo "Chamberlain Waits"-era The Menzingers, but references can also be found to smaller bands like Typesetter, Spraynard, and of course the champions of this type of music, Latterman. The emotional charge is palpable, the guitars carry themselves with a melodic ring and the occasional sparkle and jangle, and the songs are uptempo enough to form a vibrant soundscape overall.

In other words, Bong Mountain is a perfect band for those who can't get enough of the gruff, basement-style sing-alongs, purposefully unpolished soundscapes, the melodic ring to their Midwestern punk guitars, and honest, charming vocals based on everyday interactions. If anything, "The Battle Of Bong Mountain" underscores why you don't need to reinvent the wheel to write a solid album within a predefined genre definition.

Download: Top Ridge, Black Cat, Swant Song, Best Weed On The Internet, Waterworld Of Warcraft
For the fans of: Iron Chic, Latterman, (old) Red City Radio, Typesetter, Spraynard, Timeshares, Bangers
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Release date 26.11.2021
Say-10 Records

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