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Noise Noise Noise

Written by: PP on 31/12/2021 13:08:20

"Noise Noise Noise" is the third album by The Last Gang, following their excellent sophomore album "Keep Them Counting" three years ago. Just like its predecessor, it's a record that ranges between classical ska/reggae and Fat Wreck style punk rock with a few street punk nuances in the process, where all of it is centered around vocalist Brenna Red's attitude-driven, scratchy vocals.

Now, if you haven't heard Brenna Red before, you'll immediately notice the parallels to Brody Dalle of The Distillers both in terms of her fashion style as well as her raw vocal performance. It oozes confidence and attitude, much in a similar vein as the girls in Bad Cop/Bad Cop and Amy Allen in The Interrupters, resulting in an urgency-laden soundscape. It's a high-energy onslaught that ranges from infectiously catchy bangers like "Paris Green" through bouncy and rowdy cuts like "Gimme Action" to upbeat ska/reggae pieces like the title track. If you ask me, The Last Gang are at their best on the no-frills punk rockers like "Shameless" rather than especially the slower ska tracks, but that's just a matter of preference in terms of tempo.

Overall, "Noise Noise Noise" nicely continues The Last Gang's quest of being a convincing challenger for The Interrupters for the throne of the post-Distillers, at least until the latter brings out their long-awaited new album (likely next year). It sticks to its strengths - Brenna Red's awesome vocals and ringing guitar melodies - and avoids overpolishing the soundscape which is always a danger with raw bands like this one. While not spectacular, "Noise Noise Noise" should belong to the back catalogue of most punk rockers out there.

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For the fans of: The Distillers, The Interrupters, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Left Alone, Not On Tour
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Release date 08.10.2021
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