The Muslims

Fuck These Fuckin Fascists

Written by: PP on 08/01/2022 13:29:13

North Carolina garage punks The Muslims have released a new album every year since 2018, and 2021 was no exception. "Fuck These Fuckin Fascists" is their fourth album, and despite its rather juvenile title, it's one of the most criminally overlooked records from last year. Featuring one of the most vivid bursts of fuck you energy I recall hearing in the last couple of years, their high-energy onslaught oozes of original punk rock rebellion and goes to the roots of the movement both stylistically and in terms of message. It's the kind of album that you can shove right in someone's face who claims punk is dead and embarrass them on the spot. Few albums offer as unadulterated, piercing political and social commentary as The Muslims do here.

"Fuck These Fuckin Fascists" sounds like it was passed through a lo-fi distortion filter. Its unpolished production and chaotic vibe draw eerie parallels to the lost control style atmosphere on records by PUP and Jeff Rosenstock, even if it is stylistically closer to the garage melodies of a band like The Thermals. It's a noisy, rowdy expression that doesn't give a fuck about what you think and shows no restraint in what topics are within the acceptable realm.

For instance, "John McCain's Ghost Sneaks Into The White House And Tea Bags The President" is about exactly what its title suggests, which might be juvenile on the surface, but if you analyze it closer, there's a sharp anti-Trump message that's unveiled only if you do your research on the turbulent relationship between McCain and the ex-President.

Similarly, "Illegals" tackles racism through an infectiously catchy chorus of "No one's illegal but white people" on repeat, which should remind you thematically of what NOFX did on both "Don't Call Me White" or "Kill All The White Man". Like other songs on the record, it's delivered in such a spirited fashion that it feels like a burst of energy just went straight through you and dragged you to the mosh pit to go amok against your will.

Yes, the political commentary is sharp, but it is also satirical (according to the band). It's aggressive, mean, and relentless, but those are all words attributable to the original punk ethos. And those words are interchangeable for describing their sound as well as their lyrical universe. It's this unadulterated attitude that highlights "Fuck These Fuckin Fascists" as one of the best punk albums from 2021.

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Release date 24.09.2021

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