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"Isolation" is After The Fall's seventh album overall and their second one with dueling female vocals of Jasmine offering slick contrast to the coarse, gravelly shouts of vocalist Mike. Much like its predecessor "Resignation", it features breakneck speed, melodic hardcore punk in the vein of bands like Kid Dynamite, No Trigger, or A Wilhelm Scream, only this time with an even better overall production value than before.

It's a fiery, crispy one that feels just unpolished enough to give it loads of charisma and character. This way, the sheer energy and passion ooze through the soundscape, leading to infectiously catchy sing-along passages like the "this guitar is firewood" bit on "Firewood", for example. Lightning speed guitars shred brightly in the background while Mike and Jasmine alternate and juxtapose lines on top of one another, underscoring why her addition to the band has given After The Fall a huge boost in terms of variety.

Her additions to songs like "Isolation" and "Smashed State" result in pure melodic hardcore godhood, perhaps best exemplified on closing track "Mileage" that's arguably the best one they've written yet. But more importantly, she's been given a much bigger role on the record overall, taking the lead on songs like "Ghosts" and "Gas Money" and more segments in others. No wonder she sounds this confident on the record - and the more she contrasts Mike, the more varied and interesting After The Fall's songs become.

This time, not all tracks are ridiculous pedal-to-the-floor tempo. "Adios Amigo", for instance, is a slower balladic track, rather atypical for the band, as is "Break A Leg". They are in the minority, however, as the band once again tracks ten cuts in under seventeen minutes overall. But the ringing treble-charged melodies, intricate guitar work, and coarse sing-alongs are still exactly what fans of bands like A Wilhelm Scream or No Trigger are looking for, so kudos to After The Fall for an exceptionally strong start to 2022 in punk rock.


Download: Mileage, Firewood, Degradation, Isolation
For the fans of: No Trigger, Kid Dynamite, A Wilhelm Scream, Star Fucking Hipsters
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Release date 07.01.2022
SBÄM / Say-10 Records

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