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Vanir's sixth album "Sagas" sees the band once again mount a challenge for the Viking metal throne where Amon Amarth sits comfortably. Just like their past couple of efforts, it combines a death metallish approach with gorgeous Viking melodies that sound like the band is out at thunderous seas on raids to pillage the nearby villages using an arsenal of tapped melodies and battle roars.

Songs like "Battle Of Middle-Earth" showcase triumphant melodies supported by rollicking riffs and grandiose songwriting that feels like I'm listening to glorious Viking battles of honor and conquest. In other words, it's a dramatic soundscape that effortlessly paints vivid landscapes into its listener's mind, exactly what a solid Viking metal band should be doing at all times. You can almost imagine their vocalist Martin Rubini standing near the front of the ship holstering a giant horn on his belt as he roars his battle commands to his fellow Vikings. Yes, the sound is that epic.

On "Day Of Reckoning", the band incorporates Nightwish-esque operatic chants to magnificent high-flying riffs that particularly towards the end of the song suggest a much later slot on Copenhell and like-minded festivals soon. Likewise, "Sessrumnir" and "Æresstrid" suggest the band's songwriting has risen to a new level: rumbling guitars dominate the soundscape with dazzling riffs, backed by double-pedal blasts and great growls that together form as complete an expression as any within Viking metal. It's safe to say that on "Sagas", Vanir delivers a textbook example of the genre done right, which should elevate their profile closer towards Amon Amarth's sole dominance here in the Nordics.


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Release date 11.03.2022
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