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Written by: PP on 28/01/2022 19:21:10

Frames are a new band from Richmond, Virginia built around singer Sarah Phung's softly sung vocals. Their debut album "Every Room" is described on label promotional material as "Imagine if Hilary Duff made an emo album - that’s Every Room", which is not too far from the truth. It's essentially a pop-rock album with slight emo vibes, plenty of indie flavors, and a sense of humility that you wouldn't usually get on a mainstream pop album, hence we've picked it for review here.

With brightly glittering guitars and a decent enough tempo on songs like "Two Phones", you could make the argument that Frames sound similar to bands like Into It. Over It, Transit, and perhaps also Pet Symmetry. There's just enough emotional charge in their sound to justify that argument, even if it's not necessarily of the Midwestern kind. Elsewhere, it's pure pop-rock with chilled-out tempo and relaxed vocals.

And therein lies the problem: the expression on "Every Room" is too safe and soothing to be interesting. Sarah Phung sings well enough, but rarely to an extent that it feels noteworthy from other female singers within the indie/pop-rock realm. She is genuine and occasionally even rock-solid - for example on "Tabletop" - but too many songs blend together into a category that's decent, but too forgettable overall.

Download: Overthinking, Tabletop, Lightweight
For the fans of: Pet Symmetry, Into It. Over It, Lemuria
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Release date 24.09.2021
Know Hope Records

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