The North Sea

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Fredericia, Denmark-based quartet Deadnate may have started as a Gojira clone on their debut EP "Concrete Flood", but have since then taken major steps in redefining their expression and discovering their sound. Their debut album "The North Sea" sees the band embark on a more progressive direction with an increased focus on technical prowess and complex structures, even if undertones of Gojira still exist in songs like "Northern Lights", for example. The result is a soundscape that feels imminent and deliberate; songs that intimidate and wow through their sheer depth and progressive metal breadth.

Armed with dual vocalists, Deadnate integrates thick growls against haunting clean vocals in equal measure, allowing for an incredibly varied expression throughout the album. "Winter", for instance, introduces Between The Buried And Me style progressive metal style complexity, while elsewhere references to Tool and, on occasion, Danish compatriots Boil can be heard in the arrangements. The instrumentals are impressive, ranging from tapped leads to unconventional time signatures and rough pummeling to achieve maximum heaviness. You are also reminded of older Opeth records in terms of how artistic and depth-laden their expression is on tracks like "Downhearted"

The progressive instrumental landscapes are rich in detail and challenging. The growls add a brutal element whilst the cleans add melancholy. On paper, it all sounds fantastic, does it not? But despite a profound soundscape that's exceptionally produced, the songs feel meticulous and exhaustively constructed to fit progressive metal ideals, but without longevity nor the critical stickiness effect attached. As a result, most Deadnate songs feel solid, yet weeks later I'm struggling to name specific tracks or moments from the record outside of a basic thought of it sounds pretty good. Think about the times you've listened to a BTBAM or an Opeth record and the feelings they've left you with after the fact? While "The North Sea" is decent, it struggles mightily to achieve the same result.

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For the fans of: Opeth, Mastodon, Between The Buried And Me, Gojira, Boil
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Release date 25.03.2022

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