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Weymouth, UK-based punks Weatherstate fill a nice void somewhere between Title Fight's seminal dreamy post-hardcore classic "Floral Green", Saves The Day's classic "Through Being Cool", and Lifetime's melodic hardcore staple "Jersey's Best Dancers". Their sophomore album "Never Better" takes inspiration from all three bands and lands a dirtily distorted, slightly dreamy take on punk rock that feels as grungy as it does upbeat and catchy.

There's an eerie sense of familiarity to songs like "Current Dose", which basically blends Lifetime's snotty and loosely played punk with heavy, grunge-laden guitars of a band like Daylight (see: "Jar"). Vocalist Harry Hoskins effectively sounds like a cross between Vinnie Caruana and Ari Katz, delivering his lines in a coarsely sandpapered fashion, giving their expression grit but without abandoning gravelly melody in the process. The guitars are drenched in Title Fight-esque treble, mostly wallowing in mid-tempo rhythms but provide a roughened punk rock backbone that allows songs like "Hangar" and the breakneck speed "Here In My Hell" to leave behind a high-energy vibe despite their loosely played style. This is a specific moment where the Lifetime and older Saves The Day influence sounds loud and clear.

Throughout "Never Better", Weatherstate rumble forward in distorted, scratchy fashion. It's an unpolished expression that should charm fans of gravelly punk rock, particularly those usually interested in the FEST and so-called 'Orgcore' styles. But if there's one critique to the album, it is that the record feels a little samey, albeit consistent throughout. Songs like "Down" and "Panic Attack" are solid examples of rough-around-the-edges punk rock, but at the same time few tracks truly stand out from the record. I've got no complaints given this is my home genre, but the wow factor associated with many of the other records mentioned in this review unfortunately also means Weatherstate will likely have difficulty reaching fans beyond core fans of this style.

Download: Hangar, Current Dose, Here In My Hell
For the fans of: Title Fight, Half Hearted Hero, Nai Harvest, Lifetime, (old) Saves The Day
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Release date 11.02.2022
Rude Records

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