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Written by: PP on 21/03/2022 22:38:11

The punk rock scene in Croatia isn't particularly well known outside of her borders, but if Trophy Jump is any indication of the kind of band that exists over there, we should all be diving right in to check more of it out. "Feels" is a spirited record that carries itself with a buzzing urgency and youth that's usually associated with debut albums only, resulting in a vibrant expression that's borrowing quite a bit from PUP in particular, with audible influence also from bands like Jeff Rosenstock, Joyce Manor, and The Dirty Nil.

"Feels" sounds like a train wreck of loosely played angular and bouncy guitars, purposefully left in a glitchy and roughened state. This gives the expression a chaotic vibe, allowing for some exceptionally fun, halfway cacophonic sing-alongs like those on "Leather Couch" or "I Don't Wanna Live In A Fitness Ad". It's a high-energy soundscape that feels perfect for basement punk shows where sweaty sing-alongs and improvised stage dives create those unique memories that just aren't possible in bigger venues. Songs like "Neon Light" are straight out of the PUP playbook, where screeching guitars and emotionally charged vocals capture a beautiful sense of chaos where you can just imagine the band members crashing into each other while playing live.

The loose playing style combines with infectiously catchy choruses and memorable catchphrases to strike gold quite a few times during the record. For instance, "Brkn Values" talks about the state of the music scene today through a charming remark of "Passion means profit / And you’re right on it / It smells like a soul / Died here long time ago". During both these moments and the Jeff Rosenstock style vibrant buzzers like "FOMO", Trophy Jump frequently hit gold throughout "Feels". Sure, it's very clear they're trying to recreate a European PUP on this record, but when it works out as well as it does here, why the hell not?

Download: Leather Couch, Neon Light, Brkn Values, I Don't Wanna Live In A Fitness Ad
For the fans of: PUP, Jeff Rosenstock, The Dirty Nil, Joyce Manor
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Release date 22.02.2022
Horn & Hoof Records / Nasty Cut Records / JeboTon / We're Trying Records

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