Machine Blood

Written by: PP on 23/03/2022 00:37:27

Odense, Denmark-based NORÐ has been around a few years already, having released "Alpha" EP via Inverse Records a few years back. Their debut album "Machine Blood" is a tale of two worlds, on one hand displaying proficient instrumentals and solid production (thanks to Jacob Hansen's work), but which is countered by questionable songwriting. The latter results in a soundscape that's best described as generic metal without forays into any particular subgenre as such.

NORÐ utilizes two vocal styles: a yelling type that you sometimes encounter in sludge metal, and a thick growl that draws from death metal and melodeath styles. The problem is, the delivery of both is terribly mediocre. The growls are anonymous and lack character to stand out, while the yells are plain boring at best, annoying at worst.

At the same time, their instrumentals range from progressive buildups to In Flames style melodic guitars to groove metal riffs, but where the song structures lack purpose and meaning. "Seasons Erased", for instance, embeds elements of heavy metal, but just rolls forward for over five minutes without ever having a highlight moment to reel you in as a listener. At least "Left Behind" and "Fear Reigns" managed to do that as the two exceptions on the record.

As it stands now, "Machine Blood" is best described as generic. It's not derivative of any one band or genre given how middle-of-the-ground its take on metal is, but alas, when your songs are as nothing saying as here, and drag on for what feels like forever per song (despite only being five to six minutes in length on average), it's difficult to recommend the album to even the local fans here in the country. Our suggestion? Replace the vocalist, focus on a specific style, shorten the songs, and maybe something good will come out of it, given that there's no doubt about your technical proficiency.


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Release date 04.03.2022
Inverse Records

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