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Time And The Season EP

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The Ergs! is a cult band within the no-frills pop punk scene. They released three excellent albums and numerous EPs between 2004 and 2007, and vocalist Mikey Erg is a legend for filling in at various festivals and shows as a one-man show on his electric guitar (despite being the drummer in his main band). Lately, their output has been scarcer, though. Six years ago they released a 7" called "Goddamn Death Dedication", but the last time they released a full-length was in 2007 when their third album "Upstairs/Downstairs" saw the light of day. But give the world a little downtime in the form of Covid-19, and look at all the different bands that are popping up you thought were gone for good.

Here, The Ergs! return with two EPs in a row. The first one is "Time And The Season" released a few months ago, which features four tracks of old-school pop punk that'll take you straight back to early Green Day records from the 90s. Hints and references to the other no-frills bands in the scene such as The Dopamines and The Copyrights are aplenty as well, but where The Ergs! have always separated from the pack are Mikey's Billie Joe Armstrong-style wide open clean brawl. It's both recognizable and catchy, where songs like "Ultimate Falsetto Book" stroll along at a leisurely pace yet sound infectious even without the usual punk rock tempo thanks to his pipes.

"Say You're Sorry" on the other hand takes spicy lead guitars and a more aggressive tempo to present The Ergs! in a proper punk rock light. With groovy melodies and another catchy vocal hook, it's a great example of the songwriting variety this band can offer its fans. Likewise, "Half Empty Strip Mall" rollicks with a rowdy atmosphere and a bouncy vocal melody for yet another catchy no-frills pop punk song, once again taking you back towards "Dookie"-era Green Day and earlier.

The weirdo title track is the only weak link on the EP. It takes more of a 70s rock'n'roll approach that you might hear from a band like The Police, but here it just doesn't work very well with their vocal style.

At four tracks and eleven minutes, the record is quickly done and dusted, but it serves as a solid reminder of the kind of cult material The Ergs! can write on a good day. The first three tracks are all exemplary no-frills pop punk of the old-school variety. Still, it's very short and you're left wanting a full-length album's worth of tracks.


Download: Ultimate Falsetto Book, Half Empty Strip Mall
For the fans of: (old) Green Day, The Dopamines, The Copyrights, Screeching Weasel, The 20Belows
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Release date 21.01.2022
Dirtnap Records

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