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Electric Love

Written by: PP on 26/05/2022 10:59:39

rocSave for maybe Germanic power metal, is there a more cliché and generic genre out there than basic rock'n'roll? You know, the style that's entirely comprised of people who still think AC/DC, Guns 'N Roses and the like is what music is all about and so the best choice is to sound like a generic derivative of either, or perhaps even better, both at the same time?

Meet Junkyard Drive, Denmark's answer to cliché rock'n'roll, where originality has been thrown out the window many albums ago. They've reached the third album on "Electric Love" yet have made no progress since the AC/DC records save for maybe giving a few spins to Airbourne at some point. Case in point? "Mr. Rock N' Roll" is all about riffs copied from said bands and inane "Who are you Mr. Rock N' Roll?" cries on repeat as its chorus. Throw in some vibrato-style vocals and Angus Young would be proud. The rest of us are shaking our heads in the meantime and wondering what is the point in all this? I mean "Let Me Love You Baby" could be a Bon Jovi song for god's sake.

The thing is, rock music need not sound generic even if you're referencing the older bands as inspiration. One listen to bands like The Vintage Caravan, Wolfmother, or Rival Sons will reveal innovative and undeniably great takes on the age-old style that just sound fresh. And despite referencing Wolfmother's riffs on "Home", Junkyard Drive never achieves sounding neither fresh nor innovative. Just derivate, generic, and frankly, boring. With stubbornly average records in their back catalogue and "Electric Love" not suggesting that's ever gonna change, eventually you just gotta ask: what's the point here, guys?


Download: Let It Burn, Mr. Rock N' Roll, Home
For the fans of: Airbourne, AC/DC, Guns 'N Roses, Rival Sons
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Release date 13.05.2022
Mighty Music

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