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NOFNOG stands for No Fight, No Glory, and they've been playing politically charged punk rock in Swizterland ever since the mid-2000s. During that period, they've released four albums, the latest one being "Insomnia", which has landed them opening duties on Good Riddance's ongoing European tour. They play a brand of caustic, crusty punk rock that takes equally much from street punk ethos as it does from NOFX-esque skate punk guitars.

You can subsequently expect catchy hooks and plenty of gang shouts and woo-oah segments throughout the record. There's a distinct hardcore base to their sound, largely driven by the Good Riddance-style uptempo shredding as well as their coarsely shouted vocals. But every now and then they borrow pages from the street punk playbook with massive gang chant alongs, such as those on "Go On", for instance. Elsewhere, it's classic shout-along melodies that you might have encountered any given year at Groezrock. The instrumentation is tight and aggressively lined, ensuring most fans of the genre will feel right at home on the record.

The record isn't without its issues, though. The vocals are too monotonously spat out and don't necessarily carry a similar degree of charisma as Jorge Herrera or Russ Rankin, nor a level of snotty vitriol as Fat Mike does on NOFX albums. As such, "Insomnia" feels rather mediocre, despite having a few decent sing-along tunes along the way. The songs don't stick, but instead, just caustically roll forward to their (predictable) peak chant along segments. In as a crowded genre as this one, more is simply needed before a record like this one will have a larger impact.


Download: Monuments, Go On, Love Letters From Lisbon
For the fans of: The Casualties, NOFX, Good Riddance, The Unseen
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Release date 29.04.2022
SBÄM Records

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