All The Right Reasons

Written by: PP on 05/10/2005 03:41:44

Chad Kroeger's Nickelback returns with their fifth studio album "All The Right Reasons". Five albums down and they still sound exactly like on their debut "The State", with the only difference being the three million dollars spent on post production. It's the same old Soundgarden/Stone Temple Pilots ripoff, widely known as post-grunge, with hit writers behind the band assuring immense amounts of airtime on MTV and the radio stations around the world.

"Photograph" is guaranteed to stay on the charts for the next five thousand years, and the lyrics in songs like the opening track "Follow You Home" are simple enough for a marmotte to understand.

The presence of hit writers behind the band is ever so obvious on the album. Just take the first single "Photograph" and compare it to "How You Remind Me" from 2002's album "Silver Side Up". Both songs begin with a soft, nearly acoustic guitar intro accompanied with fluffy singing, and about 15-20% into the songs the guitars distort, and a ridiculously catchy chorus, which you would never ever mistake for another song, not even with a knife on your throat.

"Silver Side Up" and "The State" were good, listenable efforts, but you can't make the same album 5 times without being punished for it. Music for the masses - a correct description of Nickelback's fifth album. 11 songs and 37 minutes is usually called cashing in boys, specially when you spent two years in making this album. Oh, and "Rockstar", is a candidate for the most horrible post-grunge song ever composed. Spend your money on a decent post-grunge band like Life Of Agony instead.


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For the fans of: 3 Doors Down, Creed

Release date 04.10.2005
Roadrunner Records

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