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Ah, Al Jourgensen and his band Ministry. Liked by loads, disliked by equally many, their form of industrial metal isn\'t for everybody. The band\'s career was effectively over with the release of the band\'s final studio album \"The Last Sucker\" last year, but before they ditch their instruments for good, the band is doing a final world tour supporting the release of a humorous cover album called \"Cover Up\".

On the record, Ministry goes through old classics like \"Under My Thumb\" by Rolling Stones, \"Space Truckin\'\" by Deep Purple, \"Roadhouse Blues\" by The Doors, \"Supernaut\" by Black Sabbath and many others, converting all of these songs into the Ministry universe of industrial sound effects and humorous vocal renditions of the originals. The songs have all been reworked to sound like Ministry songs, which is a major plus since they aren\'t just note-by-note repetitions of the originals. Some feature pace and pitch variation, some have additional instruments, and others just sound so much like Ministry it wouldn\'t be too difficult to imagine Jourgensen & co having written them in the first place.

The most successful covers are \"Radar Love\", \"Bang A Gong\" and \"Roadhouse Blues\", all which bury the original melody somewhere deep underneath the industrially heavy sound of Ministry. Like Atrocity on their latest cover album \"Werk II 80\", Ministry succeed in breathing new life into many of the overplayed classics, and once again demonstrate why they are - were? - a force to be reckoned with in the wide spectrum of metal.

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Release date 31.03.2008
13th Planet Records
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