And The Glasshanded Kites

Written by: tox on 05/10/2005 21:38:16

Mew's sound has really grown since their breaktrough album "Frengers". "And The Glasshanded Kites" is a very ambitious and admirable album. It starts to smell a bit like international success to me. I would be very surprised if this album won't become their recognizable album elsewhere than in Denmark. There are no fillers, or weak songs, on the album. Basically this is because the album is a single very long song, broken into 14 parts. The songs overlap into each other in the best Mars Volta style.

The album has three outstanding songs that simply said exceed the other songs in quality, and they are all in a row: "Apocalypso" "Special" and "The Zookeeper's Boy". They all sound quite similar, but is not a bad thing in this case as each one of them is monster catchy.

I can not come up with anything negative in this case, which is very unusual for me!


Download: Apocalypso

For the fans of: Coldplay, Death Cab For Cutie

Release date 26.09.2005

A:larm Music

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