Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
Between The Buried And Me Colors 28/09/2007 AP 10
HIM Venus Doom 26/09/2007 PP 8
Pinchbeck Nine Point Circuit 24/09/2007 ASH 6
Gentleman's Pistols Gentleman's Pistols 24/09/2007 PP
Meliah Rage The Deep And The Dreamless Sleep 24/09/2007 PP 5
As I Lay Dying An Ocean Between Us 19/09/2007 PP 8
Cartel Cartel 19/09/2007 PP 5
Trusted Few Trusted Few EP 19/09/2007 PP
The Blackout Argument Decisions 17/09/2007 AP
Pierce The Veil A Flair For The Dramatic 17/09/2007 TL 10
Scenes From A Movie The Pulse 16/09/2007 TL 7
Three The End Is Begun 16/09/2007 TL 7
Mae Singularity 14/09/2007 PP 6
Bomb The Music Industry! Get Warmer 14/09/2007 PP
Every Time I Die The Big Dirty 11/09/2007 PP 6
Strata Strata Presents The End Of The World 11/09/2007 PP
Lillian Axe Water Rising 10/09/2007 PP
Full Blown Chaos Heavy Lies The Crown 10/09/2007 PP
Interpol Our Love To Admire 09/09/2007 TL
Fair To Midland Fables From A Mayfly: What I Tell You Three Times is True 09/09/2007 AG
Billy Boy In Poison Distilled Life 06/09/2007 AP
Hidden In Plain View Resolution 03/09/2007 TL
BEDlight for blueEYES Life On Life's Terms 02/09/2007 TL
Velvet Revolver Libertad 30/08/2007 NH 2
Ephel Duath Pain Remixes The Known 29/08/2007 AP 4
Hell Is For Heroes Hell Is For Heroes 29/08/2007 PP
Hellfueled Memories In Black 29/08/2007 PP 4
Mikkel Schack Band ...About To Destroy Something Beautiful 27/08/2007 PP
Redemption The Origins Of Ruin 25/08/2007 MY 10
Dekapitator The Storm Before The Calm 25/08/2007 PP 5
Pig Destroyer Phantom Limb 25/08/2007 PP
The Dogma A Good Day To Die 24/08/2007 PP 2
The Red Chord Prey For Eyes 23/08/2007 KS 7
Evans Blue The Pursuit Begins When This Portrayal Of Life Ends 23/08/2007 PP 7
Boy Hits Car The Passage 23/08/2007 PP
National Product Luna 22/08/2007 PP 6
Aiden Conviction 22/08/2007 TL
Mxpx Secret Weapon 21/08/2007 PP 6
Cephalic Carnage Xenosapien 20/08/2007 PP 5
Akercocke Antichrist 18/08/2007 PP 7
Devin Townsend Ziltoid The Omniscient 18/08/2007 MY 6
Municipal Waste The Art Of Partying 18/08/2007 PP 7
Gallows Orchestra Of Wolves 18/08/2007 PP
Reel Big Fish Monkeys For Nothin' And The Chimps For Free 17/08/2007 PP 7
The Unseen Internal Salvation 16/08/2007 AG
Sixx:A.M The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack 15/08/2007 PP
The Rocket Summer Do You Feel 15/08/2007 TL 6
The Devil Wears Prada Plagues 15/08/2007 TL 5
Still Remains The Serpent 14/08/2007 AP 5
Mindflow Mind Over Body 14/08/2007 PP 7


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