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As a frequent reader of you will surely have noticed the recurrence of the name Copenhagen Showdown #1 in our news feed quite often lately, and it's not without a reason. Our Danish readers will no doubt already be familiar with the background, but lets just go over it once more just in case there are some that aren't. Denmark (well, Copenhagen really) had an awesome punk/hardcore/metal club called Stengade 30 - a place that was frequented not just by members of but also generally everyone part of one counter culture or another - which went bankrupt because the Copenhagen municipality withdrew its support from the venue. Ever since then - and undoubtedly even before then - a bunch of people behind the scenes have been working to create another solution for the burgeoning punk and hardcore scene in Denmark, a monthly place to gather for a bunch of like minded individuals who share a common interest in great music and great parties. 3rd Tsunami Agency (who are also the masterminds behind the long-running and popular Punk And Billy Bash events) and Panther Booking are behind the new venture - Copenhagen Showdown - and this is something has chosen to support full on out from the beginning.

The launch event will be taking place this Friday, October 30th (tickets 50DKK at doors), which also coincides with J-DAG (the annual celebration day/night of Tuborg Julebryg beer becoming available and everyone's up for a big party), after which it will be taking place about every four to six weeks as long as the scene - that'd be you, dear reader - supports the happening by showing up to support the bands and spending money at the bar. So basically, what you can expect is a night of awesome music by the DJ's (punk, hardcore, pop punk, and other relevant genres), a couple of bands on the bill (more on them soon), and lots of like-minded individuals packed into what will be considered the best small venue in Denmark in the coming months - I've had a chance to go check out the venue a few days ago to give you a taster of what to expect.

Venue: BETA

BETA? "What on earth is that/where is it?" is a question I've heard lots of people ask me in connection with my word of mouth promotion of Copenhagen Showdown. Basically, BETA is Amager Kino (Øresundsvej 6, 2300 Copenhagen S), only with a brand new layout and a complete refurbishment of the interior decor. Now I never had the chance to check out the old venue, but when visiting Club Angry Music, another punk/hardcore club that took place last week (review soon), everyone who I talked to seemed to really like the changes that they've made to the venue. The interior is stylish and bright on first impression, refreshingly so in comparison to the constant black/dark/bombed down themes at similar clubs around the city, with a perfect layout resembling London Barfly's upstairs room if you've ever been there. If you haven't, the bar's at the back, and the stage is at the front of a rectangular shaped venue, with the DJ/mixer desk placed comfortably halfway in between on the left side (though I'm unsure if it moves around), and three sofa/bar chair table combinations on the right side. But what's interesting about the place is that even though it can fit at least 100 people in total, even with just 25-30 people the venue seems somewhat full because of its shape, thus avoiding the 'empty venue' feeling for band of any size that'll choose to play here. Plus the acoustics are fantastic by the sounds of it.

A beer costs 35 DKK a piece, so it's a bit on the expensive end, but at least on the first night you can buy a beer + shot of fisherman's friend for just 40 DKK - something that I'll be taking advantage of this weekend for sure.


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Bands: All For Nothing & Spinkick

For the opening night, Copenhagen Showdown has hired, according to their own words, bands that are possibly the heaviest that they'll be booking in the future, in order to make the first night a heavy-hitting, fist-pumping, adrenaline fueled experience for the attendees.

Opening the night - aside from DJ Laur (ex-As We Fight / Last Mile) and DJ Tank (Shatterproof) - will be Fredericia, Denmark based Spinkick who play uncompromising, straight-forward hardcore most reminiscent of bands like HOODS, North Side Kings and perhaps also Lionheart, with the occasional nod towards the gang shouts of NYHC bands such as Madball. Their moshable music is not only crushing in its nature, but it's also one of the better imitations of the classic US hardcore sound inside the borders of this country, so their set should be worth coming for early - but watch out for your limbs in the pit.

The main event though will be the female fronted, Rotterdam, NL based hardcore act All For Nothing, who have just put out a ferocious new album in the form of "Miles And Memories" (review soon). While they often resort to medium-pace hardcore chugging of the type you'll hear on all too many records in the genre, they often one up the pace to a much better hardcore punk expression with just the right amount of melody injected to make things interesting. Expect a high energy set with a girl screaming in your face if you're standing anywhere near the front of the venue. If bands like Bane, Terror, Comeback Kid and other renowned bands are to your liking, then you'll most likely find something to appreciate here as well.

Other than that, there's not much more to say than SEE YOU ALL ON FRIDAY. A whole bunch of us from will be attending, as well as some of our close friends, so don't hesitate to come and say hi when you see one of the blue-shirts in the crowd, at the bar, or just chilling by the tables, and drink a beer or five with us in the process.

More information can be found on the official Myspace page as well as the Facebook event.

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