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Everyone loves lists. They convey a great amount of interesting information in a quick glance. At this time of year, lists are in. Shopping lists, wish lists, guest lists, you name it. And of course lists that hopelessly try to summarize an entire year's worth of music from a wide variety of genres in a ranked order. The latter are what we here at specialize in, usually receiving confused looks and voices of concern for our mental well-being once our opinions are out in public scrutiny. So we figured that in 2011, we'll ask some other people who might know better: a number of well-known and up-and-coming bands from the local scene. So in the coming weeks, you'll see a series of like-minded articles shaped as lists every couple of days as we go through the Danish music scene to discover what they thought were the ten best albums in 2011. Oh, and don't worry - you won't be cheated from our misguided and thinly veiled lists of favoritism either. Those are coming as well.

The next band we've queried for their favorite albums of 2011 is Siamese Fighting Fish, a group many are predicting may be the next international breakout act from Denmark based on their excellent debut album "We Are The Sound" from about a year ago. They're fronted by their ever-eccentric vocalist Mirza, who has his hands full in pretty much everything and anything that has to do with the national music industry, ranging from awards ceremonies for underground music to running a management/booking agency. But he is by no means the only force in the band, as their record and live shows have demonstrated over the past year or so. Look for more exciting announcements to come from their direction during 2012.

TOP 10 by Siamese Fighting Fish

1. Vola - Monsters

2. Dance Gavin Dance- Downtown Battle Mountain II

3. Protest The Hero - Scurrilious

4. Katatonia - Night Is the New Day

5. Stupid White Men - Tankman

6. Scarred By Beauty - Sutra

7. The Interbeing - Edge Of The Obscure

8. Foo Fighters - Wasting Light

9. A Road To Damascus - A New Perspective

10. Bernhoft - Solidarity Breaks

Mirza's Comment

“The music scene in general is still dominated by the fact that streaming is here, and is evolving the industry in a new and hopefully positive way. Also we see two indications. People are digesting "junk" (in my perspective) more than ever with R'n'b, Club and pop dominating the digital charts, but also a more versatile group of people who through the openness of the internet have discovered more music than ever. So music, although its value in a commercial sense is plummeting, has also spread some attention to the smaller bands. Actually we see a lot of major labels getting into talent nourishing as we did in the old (:)) days, because it is cheaper and more fruitful than punching in many millions in established artists who flop due to falling record sales.

As for the scene here at home, we are becoming more and more united when it comes to the non-mainstream kind of music. The different blogs and webzines, such as your own, are taking some power from the big magazines in DK. Also here we see people move to these blogs instead of the mainstream medias (Gaffa, Ibyen, Soundvenue). As for the music in DK the quality swings quite a bit as we see more and more bands down prioritizing on their recordings. Probably due to the crisis. It's a shame because it is the window to the industry, and if it's a mess at home, no-one wants to deal with you. That being said, we still see talents at home, both commercial and non-commercial. Some scenes, such as our own, are still really really small but through the internet it has become more widespread than it would ever have been 10 years ago. In 2012 our suggestion to all bands is to take ownership over your own destiny. It is possible and we think of ourselves as much as Scarred By Beauty, The Interbeing etc as a perfect example. It's hard work but it's a lot of fun. Oh and by the way - Siamese Fighting Fish will release a new record in 2012.

See you in Pumpehuset on the 14th of January."

Check back in a couple of days for the top 10 from another prominent Danish band.

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