Best Music Of 2012

author PP date 14/01/13

To wrap up 2012 once and for good, we opted for a different style article than previous years. Our individual articles tend to become walls-of-text, and since most people are inherently lazy, we figured that you'd prefer simple bullet point lists instead of a lengthy analysis. Let us know your feedback to the format in the comments.

Our writers were tasked to pick X greatest albums of 2012, where X was to be any number between 5 and 30. The criteria were simple: these are albums you'll take with you from 2012 into the years beyond. Not just good or decent albums, but specifically ones we felt made a lasting impact on its listener. That's why you should take a long hard look at the albums on our individual lists below, and make it a priority to check out every one of them you don't already own. As we've always said in the past, great music knows no genres. You just have to scratch beyond the surface to find it usually. PP

Petteri 'PP' Pertola

PP is the Editor-In-Chief at, and specializes in punk/rock/hardcore and their subgenres.

Honorable mentions:

Aleksi 'AP' Pertola

AP is the resident sludge/experimental/tech/djent metal correspondent.

Tim 'TL' Larsen

TL spends his days checking out indie/post-hardcore/rock/emo bands so you'll know the best from the rest.

Also considered:

Ellis 'EW' Woolley

EW is our UK-based metal writer extraordinaire. These are his picks.

Martin 'MST' Thomasen

MST is our resident 'Danish Metalhead'. Based in Jylland, he travels around the country to give you as much metal coverage as possible

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