Best Music Of 2013: Staff Picks

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Year 2013 is drawing to close in the coming days, which means you've already been bombarded by best of lists from friends, fans, bands, and magazines alike. Not ones to skip out on a party, staff has of course also put together lists of what we thought qualified as best music in 2013, separated into two articles of the editors behind the site and the regular staff. Each staff member was asked to put together a list of his or her choosing, where the criteria was simple: if you're reading this article three year's time from now, which albums do you think should be specifically highlighted as the ones worth mentioning from 2013.

During 2013 our writers collectively covered close to a thousand albums with reviews and checked out even more outside of our duties, most of them in all genres imaginable within the realm of rock music and beyond. We have specialists in each style, and all of us have eventually carved our own niche of styles to cover, which explains why our lists are so different from one another. After all, every genre has its highlight reel albums if you're willing to dig deep enough, and we've done just that for you in this article. There are a number of albums that creep up on multiple lists, however, and these are usually ones with particular cross-genre appeal.

In any case, the top 5 on all lists are all brilliant albums which, if you haven't checked out yet, you should consider listening to. Because after all, if people who listen to music 365 days a year combing through releases argue that these are the best albums from the past year's worth of releases, then surely that warrants at least a few listens to figure out why that might be the case.

Without further ado, I present you Best Music of 2013: Staff Picks. PP

Daniel 'DR' Roe

DR is our resident post-rock specialist, although his tastes diverge also towards revivalist emo, alternative, and occasionally indie rock.

Martin 'MST' Thomasen

When it comes to representing the Danish metal heads, MST is our guy. You might even argue he is the scene.

Mischa 'MN' Nielsen

MN is one of our newer additions at, covering a diverse range of metal genres from the mainstream to the various forms of -core to the more underground stuff.

Hanna 'HES' Sandvik

HES is another new addition within the review staff; her specialties lie within indie rock, mainstream rock, and related genres, with the occasional forays into other styles as well.

Lærke 'LF' Fenger

Lærke joined earlier this year, and she has since then covered a wide variety of styles and genres ranging from post-hardcore to metalcore and indie rock to punk rock. These are her picks from 2013:

Jon 'JWM' Mitchell

Jon is a recent addition to our UK staff. His tastes lie within pop punk / post-hardcore / alternative rock, with far too many guilty pleasures within pop/electronic, but he has nonetheless picked a number of site-wide favorites on his best of list from 2013.

Michael 'MBC' Christophersen

Michael is our newest addition to our staff. Clean vocals are not among his favorites; hardcore and various styles of metalcore/deathcore, however, are very much so. check out his favorites for 2013 below:

And that just about covers everything from 2013 from the staff perspective. We're not done yet, though. Next week we'll see an article covering the favorite albums by our readers. Until then, adios!

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