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Roskilde Festival is quickly approaching and that means it's time to reveal our 2007 t-shirt design to the general public. Yes, this is the shirt that you will see all writers wearing at shows, interviews and festivals alike, not to write off daily life as well. Just like last year, you are also able to buy the shirt if you like the design, and I'm pretty sure you will because this year's design is absolutely awesome and better than on no other year. And don't worry, just like our mission statement says, we are completely a non-profit organization so we do not seek profit or to rip you off with the prices, and therefore I will also disclose all details on how the price is calculated so you can decide if it is fair or not. Read on to take a closer look at the awesome design and how you can buy one.

As of now, we have not placed the order with the t-shirt company, because we need to know the exact numbers on how many shirts we need to order. The deadline for ordering one is 12:00 noon GMT Friday , June 1st, by which time we must have received your payment because we are placing the t-shirt order on no later than in the afternoon of June 1st. But before I get into more details about price, payment and how it is calculated, enjoy the design in full below:

(note that these pictures are taken from the MALE t-shirt, the female shirt has the same artwork but looks roughly like this but of course in our colours and with our artwork)



Note that the back picture looks slightly strange as it seems to be on the "front" of the model, but this is just for demonstration purposes. Some details about the shirt can be found below:

Colour: Kelly Green

Sizes: S to XXL for both female and male designs

Price: 105,- DKK (€14, £9.5) without postage, add 30 DKK for postage (two shirts=40DKK, three=50DKK etc) if needed (EUROPE ONLY, email for overseas orders.

There are two different ways to order the t-shirt. If you plan on attending Roskilde Festival 2007, then it might be useful not to order postage as you will be able to collect the shirt from the camp at anytime during the festival (subject to arrangement with us of course so we are present when you arrive). If however you still wish to receive it by post, then you should choose "postage required" from the ordering form below. Please note however that all shirts will first be mailed on June 12th as we need some time to a) get the shirts printed and b) get them delivered to our HQ in Denmark. They are sent by standard post which should take between two to five days depending on where you live.

Two ways to pay

We are pleased to offer two different ways of paying and ordering. The first, and our absolutely more recommended way, is payment through Paypal, a 100% secure way to transfer money instantaneously over the internet, which can be done with the following credit cards (or directly from your account if you have already set up PayPal): VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, Switch, Solo, Delta and VISA Electron. Should you want to pay in this manner please proceed to the ordering form below.

We have realized that not everyone has one of the above credit cards which is why we have decided to offer the possibility to pay through wire transfer directly to our bank account. Should you want to pay with bank wire transfer, please contact with subject line "T Shirt Wire Transfer" for more information.

How the price is calculated

Basically, to print the shirt will cost us between 85-90,- DKK per shirt depending on how many shirts we are able to sell. The more shirts we sell, the cheaper it is for us to print it per shirt. This price is based on an estimation of a total of 25 shirts being printed. the extra 20,- DKK in the price goes directly back to to cover our hosting fees, which in August will be as much as 1 000,- DKK for the whole year, a sum which we are struggling to afford as a group of private individuals.

Below you can see the two different ways to order through PayPal. Please choose Collection At Roskilde Festival ONLY if you are certain you are able to collect it during the festival. Otherwise, scroll further down for the the order form with postage. Please note that upon successful payment you will be redirected to


Thank you for supporting our cause!

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