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support Days In December + Johnny Truant
author PP date 14/02/05 venue Mean Fiddler, London, UK

Welsh Bullet For My Valentine have been hyped up by all of the british rock media both online and in the magazines. They have been hailed to become as big as Metallica, and given the sound of their EP, they might just well make it that big. Their fans vary from Green Day fans to Metallica fans to The Used fans to Maroon 5 fans; they have something for everybody. Tonight's gig was moved from Highbury Garage to the 800 capacity Mean Fiddler due to the phenomenal demand for the tickets. BFMV had chosen Days In December and Johnny Truant as their opening acts for their Valentine's show in London.

Johnny Truant

Unfortunately I didn't arrive early enough to catch more than just two songs by Days In December. From what I could hear from the two songs they sounded like a combination of metal and post-hardcore, with the emo-like guitars and the metal-like growling on the background. The second support band, Johnny Truant, did a great job warming up the crowd. If you imagine what Alexisonfire's guitars would sound like under The Bled's vocalists hardcore screamo, well, that's the closest description to Johnny Truant I can think of. Lots of screaming, complex guitar riffs and circle pits within the crowd got Mean Fiddler pumped up for Bullet For My Valentine. Great job Johhny Truant!


Bullet For My Valentine

At the time of this gig BFMV had only released their praised self titled EP. It was obvious that most of tonight's setlist would involve songs from their upcoming album, and the crowd could only hope they would be as good as the ones on the EP. They started off with four new songs in a row. Even with the first listen, they got the crowd to mosh, jump around, and scream competently. These new songs sounded just as good, if not better, than the ones on the EP with the first listen.

After the new songs it was time for some songs from the EP. You could hear the modesty and honesty reflecting from Matthews voice when he said "I guess most of you have our EP? Thank you so much, you have made a dream come true for us" before playing "Cries In The Vain". Everyone in the crowd knew the lyrics, so the sold out Mean Fiddler exploded into one thunderous voice during this and the next two songs from their self-titled EP. After finishing "Just Another Star" Matthew announced that the new song would be called "Four Words To Choke Upon" and that it would be their first single, available from 28. March. But that wasn't all. He exploded the room entirely by announcing that the video for that song would be filmed tonight, at this very show. And as one could expect, the crowd went insane.

Bullet For My Valentine finished the gig off as expected, with their most popular song "Hand Of Blood". Even though they only played 45 minutes, it felt like hours in the presence of these future superstars. They had the crowd eating from their hands, and they didn't need to talk in between the songs to do this. Their music spoke for itself.


Setlist: New song titles are not accurate

  • 1. Her Voice Resides (new song)
  • 2. Spit You Out (new song)
  • 3. Unknown title (new song)
  • 4. 10 Years Today
  • 5. Cries In Vain
  • 6. Curses
  • 7. Just Another Star
  • 8. Four Words (To Choke Upon) (new song)
  • 9. No Control
  • 10. Unknown title (new song)
  • 11. Unknown title (new song)

-- Encore --

12. Hand Of Blood

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