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author AZ date 17/03/12 venue Templet, Copenhagen, DEN

Thursday could have been a normal day marking the passing week. Just a typical evening in Lyngby. But for the metalheads prepared to face four bands bringing tech death and progressive at it's finest it wasn't. Heading out to Templet I was anxious to see what each band was going to lay on the table.


At a half empty club – which is perfectly normal for the opening act – I find the young and enthusiastic “fusion metallers” Exivious. Featuring two ex-members of Cynic and the drummer from Textures, the band easily absorbs all the energy on stage and transforms it in beautiful harmonies and dark matter. With free improvisations and complex rhythms, they decorate their organic sound and change the mood in the whole room at an instant. A symphony of echoing guitars, smooth bass and complex percussion fills is presented to the listener with confidence and ease by the “vocal-less” band. Friendly and short announcements in between songs fill in for the absence of a frontman which may really come awkward to some extent. Having played their last song of the night Exivious know they have done their part – they broke the ice between crowd and bands and gained new followers.


After what we can call an overture, comes the true opening of this death metal concert. A short sound check with an audience in front, Gorod play their intro and slide into their set. The first thing that is to be marked is that vocalist Julien Deyres isn't called 'Nutz' without a reason. He is the type of frontman that acts crazy on stage – chewing the mic's cable, swinging it around, messing with the other band members. In short he's trying to get everybody involved in the show in all possible ways. That's cool and the fans really appreciate it helping with load cheers and horns held up high. Apart from the bassist, the other band members aren't so colorful in terms of jumping and head banging but they play precise and passionate. Well even the passion and musical mastery didn't move the crowd which as it seemed was here only to watch and listen.

According to the band's facebook profile, the french quintet plays death metal/progressive/jazz. Well, I don't know about that but they are really interesting and innovative in what they do, so if have the sheer chance you should definitely check them out!


Spawn Of Possession

Now you could really feel the tension in Templet. The venue – packed. The audience - hungry for more. Of course, Spawn of Possession are there to take what's rightfully theirs. Being a band that has been around since 1997, the guys demonstrate almost careless casualty when performing high-speed tracks that simply bulldoze through the club – from the front rows, up to the bar at the end of the hall. The swedish quintet from Kalmar was warmly welcomed with headbangers all around as well as band members of Gorod and amongst the crowd. At a point vocalist Dennis Röndum asked a friend to assist him in his duties. The two of them led the way for what was, for me personally, the peak of the night for Spawn of Possession. Some frail attempts for a circle pit where orchestrated by the guest vocalist which led to no fruition. Anyway the band's set was tight, precise to the point which pleased both new and veteran fans alike.



Lights getting dim, smoke filling the stage and only mere outlines of drummer Hannes Grossman's mechanical continuation to be seen... An acoustic intro was teasing the fans waiting for tonight's headliner. Final sounds and three german gentleman dressed in black jumped on stage under the ovation of the front rows. They are Christian Muenzer(guitar), Linus Klausenitzer(bass) and Hannes were there to start their performance. Moments later vocalist and co-guitarist Steffen Kummer joined the band kicking off the show.

And the show...simply face-melting. Obscura played tight as can be. The guitar duo Muenzer-Kummer demonstrated hours of rehearsal – amongst themselves as well as with the rest of the band. Bass was fine-tuned so that it nicely augments the choppy riffs all around the guitar's fretboard as well as the hell breaking loose behind the drums. There...there sat a young and vicious man orchestrating the crowd's destruction. Nothing that is said about Hannes is overrated. He simply took out heads and started bashing them back and forth like there was no tomorrow.

Obscura played new and old songs with passion and really showed their appreciation of the fact that the club is packed. “Do you remember when we came last time with The Black Dalhia Murder? We said we'll come again!” were Steffen's words. His attitude - cool and open, he spoke in between the songs just like he playing amongst friends, dedicating a song to a fan from the first row.

With the promise to bring their universal darkness and heavy matter to Copenhagen again, “Obscura” closed the show with death metal and a smile.


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