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author SC date 12/03/13 venue BETA, Copenhagen, DEN

Tuesday the 12th of March Beta expected approximately one hundred and fifty guests to witness the first time attack from four progressive technical death metal bands. Born Of Osiris was the main event of the evening supported by After The Burial, Monuments and The HAARP Machine who all together almost made the small concert venue feel a bit claustrophobic, in my expectations for how ferocious this night with these bands could turn out.

Photos shot by Kenny Swan

Lead singer of The HAARP Machine

The HAARP Machine

First band of this Tuesday evening was the British technical metal band The HAARP Machine who had recently lost three out of four members - therefore I was really sceptical about whether the show might work or not. At the beginning the crowd did not quite respond to the over-energetic touring lead singer when he addressed them but as the show progressed and everyone in the room started to loosen up a bit the atmosphere grew a lot. His singing and shouting was really amazing and delivered songs like “Disclosure” and “Pleiadian Keys” beautifully and after a bit of an awkward start he slowly won the crowd on his side while the touring drummer tormented the drums with precision and a tightness that was just staggering. Unfortunately the guitars sort of drowned each other a couple of times together with the sampled sitar but it never caused any critical damage to only original band member Al Mu'min’s amazingly technical guitar playing. The show ended with the lead singer stage diving while filming himself smiling and shouting, all with a fan from the audience’s cell phone, and this great showmanship was welcomed with open arms.


Adam Swan of Momentum


Experimental groove metal band Monuments from the UK was next to come this evening. Their heavier and more compact style of playing was kind of a step back in intensity and presence but the band delivered their music solidly. Especially guitarist Olly Steele seemed to enjoy and feel every riff he played while his head nodded hard to the crooked hooks while bass player Adam Swan’s dreadlocks constantly swung in circular motion caused by his headbanging. Newly recruited lead singer Matt Rose showed great enthusiasm in inciting the audience and his screaming was delivered quite well. Unfortunately, when he tried to sing high pitch clean notes his voice just blew and squeaked painfully instead. This sounded so awful that it overshadowed an otherwise good performance and the band's musicianship, which affected the crowd and the ambiance in the room.


Anthony Notarmaso of After The Burial

After The Burial

First US band to enter the stage tonight was After The Burial who violently attacked the audience with their heavy djent inspired approach to progressive deathcore. They opened up with their amazing “Cursing Akenaten” which slowly got a grip on the crowd and opened up the dance floor at the end of the song. Everybody from the back to the front showed some kind of link to the music by nodding appreciatively in the back or going crazy in the moshpit in the front. Due to the technically challenging riffs the guitarists Trent Hafdahl and Justin Lowe sometimes disappeared into their own worlds which was kind of odd due to the savagery they otherwise mostly had radiated, and yet it was kind of charming due to their dedication to delivering the best they could. Lead singer Anthony Notarmaso was extremely energetic and really seemed to enjoy being in Denmark for the first time. He delivered the rough growling vocals with perfection and never left the audience out of sight nor took a break. Closing song for the band “Your Troubles Will Cease and Fortune Will Smile Upon You” just made the small room explode with energy and no one stood still at any point during the song that was delivered with precision and aggression leaving a fantastic impression.


Joe Buras of Born Of Osiris

Born Of Osiris

The main course of the evening was US melodic and technical death metal band Born Of Osiris. A synthesizer track set off while the band entered the stage and kind of silenced the room in expectation of what was to come. As the band started playing, the audience slowly started to warm up their bodies but it seemed to be a bit hard after being slaughtered by After The Burial. Lead singer Ronnie Canizaro really tried to capture the entire room with his and the bands presence but had a hard time at it. Born Of Osiris’ slightly softer style of playing technical metal with the bright keyboard did not quite get the grip of the room. In the middle of the set the band had chosen to play their rather great song “A Solution” which is a Nine Inch Nails kind of destructive ballad with keyboardist Joe Buras and Canizaro teaming up for a duet. This resulted in people starting to leave the room and even though they later played some really hard and fast songs like “Bow Down” they never really got the crowd going again. There were some technical difficulties during the entire show causing almost all the musicians constantly directing attention to the manager of the sound causing a bit of a distance to the music and the audience. Despite that the main course became a bit cold, the show was pretty good and the front rows seemed to have a blast.


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