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author PP date 08/10/04 venue Astoria, London, UK

Pitchshifter is a relatively famous band within the UK but they haven't had much international recognition. I had never even heard of the band, but one of my friends had a free ticket to see them so I joined up with him to see them. Basically, they play quite generic rock mixed with some drum 'n' bass-like anthems and other strange sounds.

So, without expectations I went to the gig. The same location as Papa Roach was, the legendary Astoria. The warmup band Sikth was a true metal band - incredible guitar work combined with the senseless screaming or growling of the two lead singers. That's right, they had 2 singers as well as 2 guitars, bass and a drummer. That's a formula not so often seen, and it was quite positive in the start. But in the end they didn't show anything special, they didn't seem to have memorable guitar-work like Children of Bodom nor the all-so-recognisible growling/screaming like Converge for instance. The only really cool part I thought was when the guitarists played a combined solo using only the upper part of the guitar!


So after a while, Pitchshifter entered the stage. As most British people know this band has actually disintegrated but they released a DVD and decided to make a 'goodbye' tour for it. Fair enough, they played all their classics such as "Microwaved" and "TV" and a bunch of others, but yet they didn't manage to impress me in the same way as Dorothy Sanchez did as they supported Millencolin.

Loads of crowd-surfing, moshing, sweat and general craziness was present in the crowd throughout the gig. Couldn't really recognize any of their songs even though I had tried to listen to an album by them before. All in all, an average gig that probably was truly enjoyed by the biggest fans of Pitchshifter, but left the John Doe without a big memory of the event.


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