Gig Reviews

Artist Support Where Date Author
Story Of The Year Flogging Molly + Emery Melbourne, AUS 13/05/2006 PP
Rock Hard Power Spray Splendid Nykøbing F, DEN 05/05/2006 TL
Darkest Hour In Name And Blood + The Abandonment Melbourne, AUS 28/04/2006 PP
Opeth The Eternal Melbourne, AUS 24/04/2006 PP
Coheed & Cambria Eleventh He Reaches London Melbourne, AUS 22/03/2006 PP
Alkaline Trio The Hot Lies Melbourne, AUS 07/03/2006 PP
Reel Big Fish Fandangle + Zebrahead Warwick, UK 23/02/2006 JM
Coheed & Cambria JR Ewing Copenhagen, DEN 13/02/2006 KS
Simple Plan Silverstein Copenhagen, DEN 23/01/2006 PP
The Haunted God Dethroned + God Forbid Copenhagen, DEN 15/12/2005 MS
Bullet For My Valentine Twelvestep Copenhagen, DEN 14/12/2005 AP
Fear Before the March of Flames The Fall of Troy Portsmouth, UK 24/11/2005 PP
Alkaline Trio Sunshine + Mike Park + Test Icicles London, UK 17/11/2005 PP
My Chemical Romance Drive By + Every Time I Die Copenhagen, DEN 14/11/2005 MS
Mortician Blood Red Throne + Akercocke Copenhagen, DEN 08/11/2005 MS
My Chemical Romance Drive By + Every Time I Die London, UK 03/11/2005 PP
Captain Everything Action Hank + Pickled Dick Guildford, UK 30/10/2005 PP
Alexisonfire Johnny Truant + Blood Roses London, UK 29/10/2005 PP
Bullet For My Valentine Candiria London, UK 20/10/2005 PP
Arch Enemy Trivium Copenhagen, DEN 16/10/2005 MS
D-A-D None Esbjerg, DEN 13/10/2005 tox
Reel Big Fish Skindred + The Matches London, UK 24/09/2005 PP
Thrice Dredg London, UK 20/09/2005 PP
Fastlane Short Warning + Cousin Luke + Kneehigh + Dave House + Get Cape. London, UK 11/09/2005 PP
Malmö Festival Darkest Hour + Beecher + Susperia + Entombed Malmö, Sweden 22/08/2005 PP
Kashmir None Ringkøbing, DEN 29/07/2005 PH
Rammstein Slayer + Accept + Hammerfall Copenhagen, DEN 10/07/2005 MS
System Of A Down Eighties B-Line Matchbox Disaster Copenhagen, DEN 19/06/2005 PP
Slipknot Papa Roach + Helmet Copenhagen, DEN 14/06/2005 PP
Reel Big Fish Ramjet Copenhagen, DEN 07/06/2005 PP
Trivium Trivium + 3 Inches Of Blood + Still Remains Copenhagen, DEN 06/06/2005 PP
Rise Against Alexisonfire + Red Lights Flash London, UK 04/05/2005 PP
Lordi Virgin Sin Copenhagen, DEN 29/04/2005 MS
Atreyu Norma Jean + He Is Legend London, UK 16/04/2005 PP
Heading South The Marvins Copenhagen, DEN 14/04/2005 PP
Illdisposed Pitchblack + Bombload Copenhagen, DEN 31/03/2005 MS
The Mars Volta None London, UK 13/03/2005 PP
Fall Out Boy My Awesome Compilation + Spitalfield London, UK 23/02/2005 PP
Judas Priest In Flames Copenhagen, DEN 23/02/2005 MS
Tsunami Relief Rhesus + Abdoujaparov + Jim Bob + Ciccone + Video Club + Stephan Smith + Salvo + Barrel London, UK 20/02/2005 PP
Bullet For My Valentine Days In December + Johnny Truant London, UK 14/02/2005 PP
Megadeth Diamond Head Copenhagen, DEN 13/02/2005 PH
Nightwish Tristania London, UK 12/02/2005 PP
Nightwish None Copenhagen, DEN 09/02/2005 MS
Green Day New Found Glory Nottingham, UK 27/01/2005 PP
The Used Yourcodenameis:Milo Nottingham, UK 22/01/2005 PP
Muse The Zutons + The Secret Machines London, UK 20/12/2004 DY
Dillinger Escape Plan Ephel Duath + Poison The Well London, UK 09/12/2004 PP
Rammstein Exilia Copenhagen, DEN 20/11/2004 MS
HIM MAB + Cathedral London, UK 30/10/2004 PP


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