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Lipid is one of the newer entrants on the Danish metal market, and possibly the one band from Denmark that sounds the least Danish in the whole genre. Their focus on the late 80s Bay-area thrash is welcome, and is delivered with the kind of precision and thunder that was commonplace in metal's golden days of the mid to late 80s. They released their sophomore full length album "Deliver Us From Evil" in November, and it was only appropriate of us to send a couple of quick questions to the band over email. Their drummer Martin chose to do the honors and sent us back a couple of short but concise answers. I'm not going to keep you any longer, click read more or scroll down to read what he had to say. Hi! Can you tell us who you are, what you do in Lipid and describe the band for those readers who may be unfamiliar with you.
Hi Rockfreaks, Martin here…I play and slay the drums in Lipid. This is my 12 or 13th year beating the skins in Lipid. So far we have released 3 demos and 2 full length cds through Copro records. You've just released a fantastic sophomore album in the form of "Deliver Us From Evil" - congratulations from us! First of all, I'd like to ask about the title - is it a religious reference at all? How did you come up with the title and what is its meaning?
No man, the title is not religious at all…its just a nother way of saying: free us for all off the crap the surrounds all these days. We just thougt it sounded cool enough for a cd title so... "Desecrator of God" is probably my favorite on the album. What's yours and why?
My favourite is the title track and “my final pain” I think. By the way Bruce Dickinson's is “he who hates all” as he played that one on his BBC radio show…
. You worked with Jacob Hansen also for this record. How much influence did he have over the sound of Lipid on the newest album?
This album is a mixture of both Jacob AND Tommy Hansen, and none of these guys has actually told us that they wanted that sound or another….what you hear is what felt right in the studio at the time, but I also think that you can compare the sound on "Deliver Us From Evil" with the killer sound that we had on “Hagridden”… Can you describe "Deliver Us From Evil" in your own words to us, as detailed as possible.
Yeah sure….very heavy, very long haired, and very lipidsh…….simply a must for all Bay area fans out there… "Deliver Us From Evil" was released slightly too late to be included in this years Danish Metal Awards - do you think you will be nominated next year?
I hope……hahaha As A Danish metal band, you're evidently going to be compared to the titans like Hatesphere, Mercenary or Mnemic. How do you feel "Deliver Us From Evil" stands against these heavyweights from Denmark?
I think that all of the 3 bands you mention here has their own special styles….I don’t think that you can compare us with especially Mnemic and/or mecernary ….rather Hatesphere…but besides that I still think that "Deliver Us From Evil" is as good as them.. Many of our Danish readers have always been complaining about how Denmark is 'the promised land of chart music'. Do you think Danish metal and hardcore will ever surface to the level that more than just a handful people will come to your shows and have massive singalongs like the big metal bands have overseas?
No, im sorry but I don’t think so. Slightly related to the previous question - what do you think of the state of the Danish metal scene right now? Who's hot and who's not?
Both you and I know it, so just leave it here….i don’t want to talk shit about bands….the crap bands know who the are… What are you guys listening to these days?
Mostly metal from the golden 80…The best metal albums was recorded between 81 and 89 and that’s it. What does 2007 hold in the bag for Lipid? I can see on your website you have a few Danish shows scheduled, will we see you on a bigger tour soon?
We played about 16 shows in denmark and germany in 2006 on the first leg of the “Deliver” tour. We are going on the road again from march 2007 with shows in denmark and Germany again. In june we are flying to UK to do a tour with another Copro band called “Boltdown” But the big tour you mention…lets see what happens. If the right offer comes then maybe.. Related to the previous question - if you had just three sentences to convince someone to come to a Lipid show - what would they be?
We play loud. We play fast. We play metal as it was meant to be…. That's all we have for now, thanks for the interview - any last words for you fans and our readers?
Stay heavy mother fuckers, and c-ya all out there in 07

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