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Hatesphere have sat in our interview chair for quite a few times in the past, but this time is different. Over the course of the past year, the band has gone through line up changes where everyone except original member Pepe has been through the revolving doors. The band's long time frontman Jacob Bredahl has been replaced by a younger vocalist, and it's exciting to see the effect this change has on the band's new album "To The Nines". Pepe kindly took his time to answer to our email questionnare with lengthy answers, so enjoy the interview and check out the band's new album.

RF.net: Pepe, you recently became father to a little boy. Congratulations, and I hope your girlfriend overcame everything well! With Jakob that makes two members with families now. How do these circumstances affect Hatesphere's ability to tour, rehearse and write music?
First of all, thanks! It’s obvious that this changes a whole lot in your life, but everything can be worked out with a little planning. We are still a touring band – this is what we live for – so on this upcoming tour, we have split the tour in two halves, so we have like a week at home in between the two halves. Furthermore I have had the last four months here at home, so I have had good time to get used to being a father. My girlfriend and I have talked a lot about it, and we are both ready to make it work. I make up for the time being on tour by staying as much at home, as I can, when we are not touring! Anyway, stuff like rehearsals and song writing shouldn't be changed of that reason. The only way rehearsal is difficult is that I live in Aarhus 300 km. away from the others – so I have quite a long train ride every time.

RF.net: Now, your band, Hatesphere also became father to a little boy last year: Jonathan "Joller" Albrechtsen. How did you come into contact with him? Was he your first choice for a new vocalist after Jacob left?
Yeah, we got ourselves a little brother now – an angry little brother, haha! He wasn't our first choice of that simple reason that we didn't know that he existed, haha. We held a lot of auditions but never quite found the right guy. Well, we had one guy suitable for the job but he couldn't do it in the end. Then we got Joller recommended by one of our friends and biggest fans, and we immediately got him over for an audition. He came and blew us away, and we got him in the band at once. It’s cool to have this young, unknown, full-of-energy boy in the band – it makes our motivation go up for sure!!!

RF.net: On top of that almost your entire line-up has changed since the release of "Serpent Smiles And Killer Eyes". Has it been difficult to adapt the band to the new members and vice versa?
It has actually been really easy, and things have been running smooth. It has helped a lot that all the changes didn't happen at the same time. Even though people outside of the band thought that everybody left from one day to another, then we actually knew four months in advance that both Heinz, Anders and Mikael were leaving. So we had good time to get new people in the band. Mixen (bass) and Dennis (drums) had been in contact with us before, and we had even been rehearsing with Dennis (as they were both supposed to stand-in for our old drummer and bass player on a US-tour that we had coming) – so they were quick to adapt to the band. They got in the band in June 2007, and then we got Jakob (guitar) in the band in September. Jacob, our old vocalist, left mid-September, and Joller then joined the band early November that same year.As we have been playing a lot of shows and rehearsed really a lot, it has made it much easier to adapt to new people. It only took me about a month, and then everything was cool as ever. Three of the new guys are all metal-heads, so they didn't have a hard time adapting to the band. Mixen however had never played metal before, but played more punk and ska - but as he is a kick-ass bass player it didn't take him long to know, how metal-acting goes, hehe. So all in all everything has been a pleasure.

RF.net: It seemed a bit worrying that your members began dropping out one by one in the last two years, and certainly many fans were uneasy as to the future of the band. Did you ever come close to a point where you thought it might be better just to call it quits?
I had these thoughts for about 5 hours, and then I came to the conclusion, that this band was too good to quit. We had been working for this for more than 10 years and had achieved so much – and with this much potential (the new members) the future actually looked bright – if we just found the right singer. So therefore we worked hard on getting in the right guy! And you know, it is hard to quit something, that has been a part of your life for so long – and with which you have experienced so many good times!

RF.net: The new line-up has already been tested live many a time. Has the response been positive so far? What would you say has changed in your shows as delivered by the new members?
The reactions have been really, really good so far. People have had to get used to new faces but when they have experienced our live show, they have been convinced that we are still up to par! We have also been together for more than a year and a half, so many fans have already seen us now – and have had some time to get used to the new faces. As the atmosphere in the band is the best ever, it has clearly affected our live show. We have always been known to deliver one hell of a live show but there is just so much new energy right now that I feel that we are stronger than ever. Surely, people will experience a slightly different HateSphere – but in a good sense!

RF.net: You are about to release your sixth album, "To The Nines". Can you tell me a little bit about it: perhaps the significance of the title, album art and lyrics? How does it compare to the earlier albums? "Blood, beers and Satan" as before, or something else?
This album is just the album we wished we could do as this “comeback” album. The songs are very brutal this time but at the same time very varied – and all in all the songs are more in your face than our previous album. And the album is more a whole than our previous efforts as well, as the cover, the title, the lyrics and the music all are very close connected – and actually displays the thoughts running through our heads the last year and a half. “To the nines” means aiming for the best, aiming for perfection, setting the highest of standards – and as shown on the cover, cutting off your ear, cutting off parts of your body, doesn't have to affect your ability to be the best! It all depends on your self confidence – if you believe in yourself, you can make it far! So don't care about what other people say – if you know you are doing something good, just keep doing it!

RF.net: Has the songwriting process changed with the new members? I'd imagine that they're all keen on proving their worth, but at the same time hungry to insert their own input to the music. What part did the new guys play in writing "To The Nines"?
Well, I have still been writing most of the music but the arrangements have been a more joint effort this time – and the new guys have been writing stuff as well. I have been playing my riffs with Jakob, we have arranged a bit, and then we have presented it to the other guys – mostly at least – and then we have all worked on it from there. Jakob has been writing stuff as well, which is great! The totally new thing this time was that we rehearsed the whole band together in the months before the recordings. Previous we have been used to rehearsing without vocals, but it has been a pleasure this time to have been able to hear how the vocals sounded before entering the studio. And it has been a pleasure to see how hard Mixen and Joller have been working on the lyrics and vocal lines. All in all we have worked more as a band before entering the studio!

RF.net: Recently you also put out a new video for the title track of the album, and even the censored version of it is disturbing to say the least. Did someone spend too much time watching Saw films, or what dark place in which person's mind came up with the concept? How does the video play into the lyrics of the song?
The video is directed by a couple of very talented young crazy guys called Michel and Marius from Intense Studios in Copenhagen. We simply let them create what they felt for, and this was what came up. It is closely connected to the cover artwork and the lyrics for the title track. But we never imagined that it would be that gory but still delicate... we simply love it. On top of that it is a fresh blow in metal videos in general, as you usually don't see these kind of things... mostly you see guys playing in abandoned warehouses, which gets incredibly boring after a couple of views. This was exactly what we wanted to avoid – and the two guys felt the same way. So they came up with something totally wicked!

RF.net: Some time ago you left SPV and signed with Napalm Records. Why the change?
It is essential to a band to have a label that supports them – and we simply didn't feel that with SPV. Napalm are super professional. They supported us from the beginning, and they are behind us 100%. As every other band this is what we want, and as Napalm showed interest in us right away, we really didn't have any doubt about signing with them.

RF.net: Pepe, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. The last words are yours!
Thank you for the interview – it was a pleasure! People, be sure to check out our new album “To the nines”, as it has just hit the stores. We will be touring Denmark and Europe in April, so see you all there. We promise to make a party for sure!!! For further info and tour updates check out our homepages:





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