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S.O.S is a hardcore supergroup consisting of members from Terror, Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, Madball, and Trapped Under Ice. They're not a full time band, but their superb debut "I Owe You Nothing" suggests that perhaps they should be. We were offered a chance to conduct an email interview with guitarist Matt Henderson from the band, here are the results. Please note that actual interview questions were created by our scribe EK, but since he has descended into inactivity, I've chosen to post his results instead.

RF.net: Hi and thanks for doing this interview. Can you please introduce yourself for our readers?
Matt: Matt Henderson – guitar player for S.O.S. Formally with Agnostic Front and Madball.

RF.net: All of your members have an extensive history within the hardcore community, how do you think that affects you as a band?
Matt: It’s good because we are all on the same page. We have been in it for a while and have the same influences.

RF.net: As so many of you are in full time, active bands, was the writing and recording process a difficulty because of this?
Matt: We were able to get a lot of ideas together by doing individual demos that we passed back and forth via email, but it was a challenge to get us all together in the same room and finally put it all together. The good thing is it did not take us long to do it once we were together. We all came into it with the same mindset and it worked real well.

RF.net: Is there a message behind “I Owe You Nothing”?
Matt: For me it’s pretty straight forward – and a pretty traditional hardcore stance. Outside opinions and criticisms won’t dictate the way we live. We do what we do and if you don’t like it we don’t care because we aren’t doing it for you anyway. Also, the ones who do all of the complaining haven’t really done much on their own to claim the right to state an opinion to begin with.

RF.net: What does the acronym S.O.S stand for?
Matt: We have all taken a vow of secrecy on that. If I told you the repercussions would be devastating.

RF.net: What would you consider to be your primary musical influences?
Matt: For myself personally, I have a lot that branch outside of hardcore, but the influences that come into play with this band are the 80’s NYHC bands like Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, Break Down and Killing Time. Mostly Agnostic Front’s “Victim in Pain”. That record and those songs are still amazing to me. It has that perfect blend of violent chaos and catchy/stompy choruses.

RF.net: What was the inspiration behind S.O.S?
Matt: Us being a group of friends that love hardcore and thought it would be fun to throw some songs together. It’s pretty simple.

RF.net: With such busy schedules, can we aspect to see any touring from S.O.S?
Matt: I think we will get together to do some shows now and then, but it will never be a full time touring band.

RF.net: What do you hope people take away from S.O.S?
Matt: I want them to see it for what it is – straight forward hardcore that has the original intent and attitude that needs to be maintained with any hardcore band.

RF.net: How does playing in S.O.S differ from your other bands?
Matt: Less pressure to keep it going. We got together to play some music that we all dig and then can sit back and let it do it’s thing.

RF.net: What does the immediate future look like for S.O.S? Will there be any music videos for the EP?
Matt: I doubt it. If the labels want to front the budget for it I would be willing to, but then again I don’t know if it fits for this band. It’s not that we don’t take this band seriously, because we do and we are damn proud of what we have done, it’s the fact that we set out to do this for us and have fun with it, not turn it into a full scale product that requires tons of effort to promote and market. But then again it could be fun, so we’ll see.

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