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As reported about a week ago, will be attending the Mighty Fight Night band competition on Saturday 14/1-2012, where three young bands from the heavier end of the Danish scene will compete for the chance to play a show at this year's Copenhell festival, as well as a triplet of shows in the spring. In preparation for this night, we've caught up with Jesper Gün, former vocalist in bands like As We Fight and Road To Manila, and now mic-handler for MFN participants Shaped Like Swans, whose debut EP was recently reviewed here. The band is completed by guitarists Nicholas Meents and Nicklas Thomsen, bassist Ole Schwartz and drummer Chris Kreutzfeldt, and we sent them all some questions about emerging as a band and taking part in the competition, which Jesper was then good enough to answer for us. Read on to find out what he had to say: You guys are a reasonably young name in the Danish scene - Can you tell us a little about how the band came together, and about what inspires your music?
Jesper: We're brand new so to speak. We recorded our demo before the band had even practiced together. Nicholas and Nicklas had previously had an unnamed project brewing, and they had a bunch of material from that. They finally figured out who they playing bass and singing and then later we found Chris to be our drummer. What are your thoughts on the state of the Danish scene for heavy music at the moment? And what are your plans and ambitions for separating yourself and getting noticed?
Jesper: Personally I don't really keep up with anything but the 'core' part of the scene in Denmark, as I'm generally not into much of anything else that Denmark has to offer. That being said though, I think this part of the scene is thriving pretty well at the moment. Just look at a band like Scarred By Beauty. They're doing things at the moment that no Danish band has managed since Hatesphere and the early As We Fight. My old band Road To Manila also recently made an EP which I think is one of the more innovative records from the Danish scene recently, and I've also heard some of their newer stuff and hot damn! - Those guys are working som wicked material!

In Shaped Like Swans we just do what we can to separate ourselves, without being overly experimental. We try to incorporate different genres that haven't been combined too much before, while at the same time maintaining a a solid core in our music. You guys are currently relevant with your first release, which is your three song demo called "Rain". Can you tell us about how that record was made, how it was to work on it, and what the songs are about?
Jesper: Well, like I said we went in the studio without having rehearsed together before. Chris wasn't even in the band at the time, he just did the drums on the tracks. The whole thing happened very quickly, but it turned out to be pretty cool for a first release I think, and I'm incredibly proud of what we've created. At the same time though, the songs were sort of from the fetal state of Shaped Like Swans and our new stuff is going to be slightly different.

The songs are about forgetting everything on this earth, humanity and all the pain and suffering in the world, and instead looking forward, not with human eyes, but with more like super human eyes. They're about rising about all the bad stuff to put it simply. Now that the demo has been out for a little while, how do you think it's fared? Are you satisfied with the recording and the reception it has gotten from listeners?
Jesper: We think the record has done insanely well. We've gotten a lot of publicity and we are now participating in the Mighty Fight Night competition. I think that speaks for itself. On top of that, we've played three super awesome concerts where the response from the audience has been unlike anything I've previously seen for a new band. People who keep up with your facebook have been able to read that new material is already in the works. Is it a new demo, an EP or an album that you're working on? And can you reveal something about what to expect from the new songs?
Jesper: That's correct. We're currently working on a good deal more songs, primarily so we can play a longer and more varied set live, but at the same time, I guess it will also turn into some sort of record in the end. We don't know about that yet though.

The new songs are going to be a bit different like I already said. It's still going to be us, but we're going to incorporate more different elements and genres. You can expect it to be explosive, CATCHY and diverse. You're participating in the Mighty Fight Night competition this Saturday. Can you tell us a little about what prompted you to participate in this competition, over other competitions for bands going on around the country?
Jesper: We were actually specifically chosen to participate, and we think that since the organisation must have seen something in us to choose us like that, we would naturally just like to honour that choice. How do you like your chances going against the other participating bands Sort Regn and Barricades?
Jesper: Well, judging from the response we've gotten at our few gigs so far, I think we have extremely good chances actually. I personally think that we offer enthusiasme and energy the likes of which is rarely seen around here. If you should be fortunate enough to win the competition, what do you think the victory and the prize will mean to your band?
Jesper: Well, the prize alone means we get to play at Copenhell this year. That alone is mega big for us, and we would be extremely grateful for the opportunity, also when it comes to the three other shows we would get to play in the spring. Those were all of our questions for now, so here in the end I'll leave some space for you if you have any shoutouts that you want our readers to see:
Jesper: I would personally love to drop a shoutout to Road To Manila, as I think they're really onto something original on their new material, and of course all of them are also good looking guys! To them and to the bands we've played with so far, as well as the guys in Scarred By Beauty, who likewise are some handsome lads! ;)

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