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This coming weekend will see the fourth edition of the annual Mighty Fight Night at Pumpehuset. It's a four band battle, decided by the audience and a professional jury consisting of music industry participants, where the winner gets the chance to perform at this year's Copenhell event as well as a chance to record and release an EP or an album via Mighty Music. We've sent out an email questionnaire regarding the event to all participants. Here's what Abscission's Richardt Olsen and Mike Sabroe Nielsen had to say.

RF.net: Hello, and thanks for doing this interview – and congratulations for being chosen to participate at Mighty Fight Night. Could you introduce your band, your style of music, your goals as a band, and where you hope to be in five years’ time?
Richardt: We are Abscission. We play progressive blackened death metal, and our main goal is to offer Denmark a new breed of death metal. The music we play contains complex rhythms, blastbeats, and elegant alterations between time signatures. All done with the music in mind. The mood of our music is melancholic, atmospherical and at the same time frantic and energetic.

Mike: First and foremost, our goal as a band is to play the music, that we feel best conveys our thoughts and emotions. But I think I speak for everyone in the band when I say that our goal is ultimately to get to a point, where the band and the music no longer costs us any money. Being signed by a good label, playing plenty of concerts and having a big fan base, is something we all hope to achieve at some point.

RF.net: How will you prepare for Fight Night?
Richardt: Rehearsals. Both individually and with each other in the rehearsal space. Practise makes perfect!

RF.net: Four bands will be competing against each other. What makes you the winner?
Richardt: Our approach to the metal genre. Our music offers something for every metal fan. We have the brutal, melodic, atmospherical and experimental elements represented in the four songs we have chosen to play for the evening. The broad yet focused musical approach must make us the winner.

RF.net: What do you think about the other bands – your competition? If you had to pick one of them to win instead of you, which one would you go with and why?
Richardt: I think the competition is hard. Each band represents their genre very well. I am really impressed by Defecto's live performances and their lead guitarists shredding skills. Heidra is also a strong name; they always deliver a professional show where they prove that viking metal can be innovative as well. But if I had to pick a winner instead of Abscission it would be Panacea. I really like the atmospheres they create along with their understanding of how to make use of tonal tension/relief in a metal context. Creating metal at such level at their age takes some serious devotion.

RF.net: The winner gets to release an EP/album via Mighty Music and a slot at Copenhell. Which one is more exciting for you and your band personally?
Mike: As an upcoming band, both prizes are almost equally desirable, however, I think every band in Denmark dreams of playing at Copenhell.

RF.net: Do you have any favourites in the Mighty Music roster?
Band: Vanir, Roarback, Billy Boy In Poison and Inbreeding Rednecks.

RF.net: What do you think about Copenhell as an experience? What do you think about the lineup this year? Who would you book if you were in the booking department?
Richardt: Personally I am really stoked that Gorguts is playing this year. But if I were in the booking department, and Abscission lost in Mighty Fight Night, I would definitely book Abscission...hahaha! No, I would book Portal, Abyssal, Ulcerate, Nero Di Marte and tons of other obscure death metal acts. As an experience I really love Copenhell. It is a very good place to strengthen your network since almost every Danish metalhead attends the festival.

Mike: The concept of an all metal festival in Denmark is very appealing to me. However, these last few years have been more to the softer side, even with a few rock n roll bands. In my opinion, Copenhell should focus more on the heavier metal bands, as it would fit with their overall theme. If I were in the booking department of Copenhell, I would book Obscura, Hate Eternal, Cannibal Corpse and Defilementory, just to name a few.

RF.net: You’ll be playing alongside last year’s winners Blood Label and Fall of Pantheon – what do you think about these bands?
Richardt: I am really looking forward to playing with such kick ass Danish acts. In fact, I am going to play drums for Fall of Pantheon that night. It is going to be fun to participate as a contestant and as the drummer for last years winner.

RF.net: Who’s the best beer drinker in the band?
Richardt: Lars is by far the best beer drinker in our band. That guy knows how to drink.

RF.net: Any last comments / thoughts / anything to add?
Richardt: We are happy that we got the opportunity to do this interview! Thank you for your time!

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