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This coming weekend will see the fourth edition of the annual Mighty Fight Night at Pumpehuset. It's a four band battle, decided by the audience and a professional jury consisting of music industry participants, where the winner gets the chance to perform at this year's Copenhell event as well as a chance to record and release an EP or an album via Mighty Music. We've sent out an email questionnaire regarding the event to all participants. Here's what Panacea had to say.

Photo by: Rasmus Ejlersen Hello, and thanks for doing this interview – and congratulations for being chosen to participate at Mighty Fight Night. Could you introduce your band, your style of music, your goals as a band, and where you hope to be in five years’ time?
Panacea: Thank you very much! We’re Panacea, five guys that enjoys each other’s company and of course share the same interest for metal music! We’re located in Aarhus, Jylland, the birthplace of many great Danish metal bands. We are combining many different genres of metal into our music, but mostly you could refer to it as some kind of melodic death/thrash metal. We’re a very ambitious band and we always strive to perform our very best. In five years we hope to be playing around the world and to have a few albums in our discography. How do you feel about the nomination?
Panacea: As you might know we won the last spot by competing against two other bands in the wildcard competition, so although we weren’t picked directly by Mighty Music we were still given a chance. In the wildcard competition it was people’s votes that decided who should go on and the fact that we won with 834 votes is a really great reminder that there are people out there who supports us and wants to see us win this! We’re really grateful for that. How will you prepare for Fight Night?
Panacea: Right now we’re using all of our time rehearsing. We’re writing some new songs and focusing on our live performance. We really want to show the audience and the judges everything we got! Four bands will be competing against each other. What makes you the winner?
Panacea: We’re the only band from Jutland so of course we’re the only ones that know how to play proper metal! What do you think about the other bands – your competition? If you had to pick one of them to win instead of you, which one would you go with and why?
Panacea: The competition this year is really tough. All the bands are playing different genres so it’s going to be a very interesting battle. We’re up against three great bands but if we have to pick one of them it should be Abscission. They just play kick ass death metal and they’re great guys! The winner gets to release an EP/album via Mighty Music and a slot at Copenhell. Which one is more exciting for you and your band personally?
Panacea: Both! This is why Mighty Fight Night is the best! A chance to release our music through Mighty Music is great chance to get a label on our releases and some promotion and help along the way. On top of that you get to play at Copenhell and get your name on the poster alongside names such as Iron Maiden and Megadeth. That would just be an experience of a lifetime for us. Do you have any favourites in the Mighty Music roster?
Band: A lot of great European and Scandinavian metal bands are in Mighty Music’s roster. Some of our favourites have to be our great friends in Blood Label, Billy Boy in Poison, All Trays for Venom and Contrition. What do you think about Copenhell as an experience? What do you think about the lineup this year? Who would you book if you were in the booking department?
Panacea: Copenhell is just awesome! A Danish metal festival with national and international names on the poster is a great thing for the Danish metal community. Almost every one of us has been there before and we’re planning on going there again this year (one way or another). Each time has just been such a great experience. To be allowed to go crazy with your friends and favourite bands for three days straight is awesome! We surely do recommend it. You’ll be playing alongside last year’s winners Blood Label and Fall of Pantheon – what do you think about these bands?
Panacea: Both Blood Label and Fall of Pantheon are great bands and even greater friends. We have played alongside Fall of Pantheon a few times before and we saw their show last year at Copenhell which was awesome! Blood Label is releasing their debut album very soon which we are all looking very much forward to! Who’s the best beer drinker in the band?
Panacea: Although all of us are great drinkers it probably has to be our drummer Jeppe but he is also an educated bartender which might explain some of it. Any last comments / thoughts / anything to add?
Panacea: We’re looking very much forward to the show! We promise to do our part and make it a night to remember, so go a buy your ticket and we’ll see you there!

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