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This coming weekend will see the fourth edition of the annual Mighty Fight Night at Pumpehuset. It's a four band battle, decided by the audience and a professional jury consisting of music industry participants, where the winner gets the chance to perform at this year's Copenhell event as well as a chance to record and release an EP or an album via Mighty Music. We've sent out an email questionnaire regarding the event to all participants. Here's what Defecto had to say. Hello, and thanks for doing this interview – and congratulations for being chosen to participate at Mighty Fight Night. Could you introduce your band, your style of music, your goals as a band, and where you hope to be in five years’ time?
Defecto: Hi! Thanks a lot, we really appreciate the opportunity!

We are Defecto, and we play hard-hitting, modern, progressive metal with a virtuosity that turns heads. We like to think that our music presents itself to going all-out crazy and reflective listening alike. Our goal? World domination of course! Which easily should be done in five years time ;-) How do you feel about the nomination?
Defecto: We’re honored – we’ve tried to become a part of MFN before, but this is the first time we’ve succeded. We’re psyched, and we’re gonna make it special! How will you prepare for Fight Night?
Defecto: Practice, practice and practice. Perhaps drink less tea and become more metal. No really, we take our band practice quite seriously and work hard to make our shows interesting! Four bands will be competing against each other. What makes you the winner?
Defecto: Difficult to say. Every band has potential and their own style. Our own strengths are our songwriting, our technical abilities, our strong melodies and a great vocalist – so we hope the audience and judges appreciate those things! If that seems like a boring answer, then: because we’re so filthy rich that we’re going to bribe everyone at the concert to vote for us. Or perhaps not ;-)! What do you think about the other bands – your competition? If you had to pick one of them to win instead of you, which one would you go with and why?
Defecto: Like stated, they all have the potential to go far. If we had to choose another winner, we’d probably go with Panacea though. They rock! The winner gets to release an EP/album via Mighty Music and a slot at Copenhell. Which one is more exciting for you and your band personally?
Defecto: We’re definitely very excited about the slot at Copenhell – how often do you get a chance to share a stage with so many other fantastic musicians? Do you have any favourites in the Mighty Music roster?
Band: Yeah, sure! BOIL, Electric Hellride, Malrun, Interbeing, Siamese Fighting Fish, Scarred By Beauty etc. So many awesome bands! What do you think about Copenhell as an experience?
Defecto: We all love Copenhell, it’s a great festival. We haven’t tried playing there though, so we’re definitely planning on making that happening ;-) You’ll be playing alongside last year’s winners Blood Label and Fall of Pantheon – what do you think about these bands?
Defecto: We’ve played with both bands previously and can only say that they’re great guys on and off stage, so kudos to them! Who’s the best beer drinker in the band?
Defecto: Haha, we only drink the purest blood of unicorns, sacrificed at full moon, on the altar of satan, in the middle of a dark scary wood in Norway at night, duh! We’re a metal band! Any last comments / thoughts / anything to add?
Defecto: Thanks for the interview, and thanks to everyone out there who’s planning on attending the concert – we’re looking forward to seeing you! J Lots of very manly & metal love from Defecto!

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