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VEGA, which is arguably Copenhagen's most famous music venue, will hold the sixth installment of its 'VEGA's Udvalgte' two days from now, on January 29th. The event puts upcoming artists on three different stages in the VEGA building, and this year finds the alternative rockers from Molly among the chosen ("udvalgte" = "chosen" in Danish).

We reviewed the band's debut album "Peach Melba" last year, describing its sound as "fast and fuzzy, with guitar riffs ringing against each other in sentimental keys, while the drawling vocals lean against the instrumental backdrop in a way that transports your thoughts directly back to the late 80s and 90s" - And since we enjoyed that sound, we leapt at the opportunity to catch up with the band via an email interview. Check out what they had to say here below, and head here for more information about the 'VEGA's Udvalgte' event. As one of VEGA's 'udvalgte' Molly is of course an upcoming name that many do not know anything about, and your first album "Peach Melba" is the main thing you can listen to, to get an idea about the band - Yet it is an album that feels more like underground rock than anything the mainstream would normally notice. Can you shed some light on what emotions and what music has inspired the expression on this, your debut record?
Molly: Before we recorded Peach Melba, we’d spent a couple of months in our rehearsal room, just partying and playing almost every day, and then one day we decided that it was time to record an album, so we went out and borrowed some nice recording gear from some friends and just recorded that same weekend. So "Peach Melba" is kind of a spontaneous record, and I guess the sound and energy on that album pretty much sums up Molly. Like, just having lots of fun and doing things the ways we like. If you were to highlight one or two songs on the record that you are especially satisfied with, could you pick some and explain what they are about, or what makes you particularly fond of them?
Molly: Well, one song I think we all like is ”I’ve been Around”. It’s one of those songs that sounds a lot like Molly, and it always seems to sound good when we do it live. It’s often the first song on the set list, when we play live. One other song is "Bagu Bagu", which is about repeating yourself and waiting. We shot the video to that song around the same time we recorded "Peach Melba", where we painted a homemade greenscreen with spraypaint and shot the whole thing in one night. That was a lot of fun. Most bands form based on some ideas about what they want their style to be, both in terms of sound and stage attitude - Can you reveal what kind of thoughts you had initially when forming Molly?
Molly: Back in 2012 when Malte was making demos by himself, he was inspired by 80’s and 90’s bands, like Hüsker Dü and Dinosaur Jr, and that sound was for sure an inspiration from the start. Molly was from the beginning meant to be a three piece band, so the music sounds more or less like what you can do live as a rock trio. The sound on "Peach Melba" feels partly like a 'punk' style - but is 'punk' a term that Molly identifies with? Are there any trends either internationally or locally that you follow and do you maybe feel part of a - maybe overlooked - scene here in Denmark?
Molly: I don’t really think we’re a part of a specific genre or movement in denmark. There’s a lot of different rock in Copenhagen where we’re from, but I don’t think we sound like anybody else around at the moment. It seems like the 90’s has a revival at the moment. Maybe thats why more people are showing more interest in Molly right now.

I don’t know if you would call Molly a punk band. Some do. I guess it does fit with some aspects of Molly. Like, we play fast and our songs are quite short. The whole DIY thing, I guess you can call kind of punk too. but we are really just three happy guys playing fast rock music. "Peach Melba" has been out for almost a year, and it is a record we have enjoyed here at Rockfreaks - But har have you been experiencing the record's reception and the time following its release?
Molly: Well, Peach Melba had some pretty good reviews and the 300 vinyls we made, have almost sold out. Since we released it we’ve played some cool shows. Like Pop Revo, Roskilde Festival, and a three week tour in Europe and UK. So we got a little more busy. Who are Molly's three members as people behind the name? What do you spend time on when you're not writing songs or playing shows as Molly?
Molly: We are pretty much in the rehearsal room all the time. When we aren’t, we are trying to earn some money. Malte is currently taking a drivers license. Tobias works in a cinema and loves doing grafitti-stuff. Mathias is doing the sound at the local clubs and tries to keep on studying. If fans thought "Peach Melba" was awesome and can't wait for more Molly, what should they be looking forward to in the near future? Is there new music or new tours in the works that you can tell us about?
Molly: Well, we already have some cool bookings for 2016, but we can’t really say more about it right now. We have not played in denmark for a long time, and we have a bunch of new songs that people have not heard yet, so we’re very exited about that. We will release a new EP very soon. Speaking generally about new music - You've only released one record so far of course, but do you generally see yourself as a band that wants to take its time between releases, or do you hope to release new songs relatively frequently? And how about your sound? Do you imagine Molly is a band that will stick closely to the same core sound or concept, or do you already now have ideas and inspiration that will influence new material?
Molly: We write songs all the time. We don’t really think that much about how often we release stuff, but it’s nice to record the songs while they’re still fresh and to release as soon as possible. There’s something cool about doing things fast and not trying too hard when recording.

We don’t really have any rules for sound. But I think we more or less have the same idea about it and know where we’re heading. So it’s more like the result of how the three of us want it to sound. We don’t do things just to sound different, but to challenge ourselves. On our forthcoming release, we have worked with a producer for example. That will probably affect the sound, but it’s still gonna sound like Molly. Maybe a bit better. It’s nice not to worry about cables and technical stuff. For people planning to attend the 'VEGA's Udvalgte' event, who know some of the other artists but maybe not Molly, what do you hope expect from your show if they are to really appreciate it?
Molly: Ehmm. Definitely more guitar than the other acts. We don’t expect anyone to be prepared. Guess we welcome spontaneous stuff in another way than many of the other acts, so anything can happen.

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