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author AP date 06/12/16

With Danish progressive metal / ‘djent’ group Ghost Iris set to end 2016 on a high note with a headlining concert at Huset-KBH this weekend, we thought we’d catch up with the band’s vocalist and lyricist, Jesper Vicencio Gün, for a few quick questions about the past year. Here’s what the man sent back our way: What was the best Ghost Iris moment of 2016?

Jesper: Collectively, I’m pretty sure the best moment so far has been playing at this year’s Euroblast Festival in Cologne, Germany. People were insanely energised and ready to sing along, mosh and just have a good time. And YES - they actually sang along to some of our songs! The worst?

Jesper: In this case, I can of course mostly only speak for myself. The worst was one morning, when we did our first tour outside of Denmark. We found out that two shows had been cancelled, one of which was due to a fire! So yeah, the venue burned down. The funniest?

Jesper: Funny is maybe not the right word, but the following was tragicomic: we had spent the better part of 10 hours to reach the first venue of our 2015 UK tour. Venue is… Well, not the right word. It was a rundown pub, in a small city. There was no heat at the place, five people showed up, and one of them was piss drunk gipsy, who just wanted to fight. Funny moment though. What was the best song of 2016?

Jesper: As of late, collectively we have a favourite song that might surprise some people. It’s called “Sunset” and it’s by a group called The Midnight. The genre is synthwave. The worst?

Jesper: Probably still “Friday”, by Rebecca Black. What was the best album of 2016?

Jesper: Once again, The Midnight reigns supreme right now. Their album “Endless Summer” is just amazing from start to finish. The worst?

Jesper: Did Rebecca Black ever make an album? Who was the up-and-coming artist of 2016?

Jesper: It’s a pretty unknown progressive rock act for me. They’re called No Transitory. They’re from New Zealand, but their main songwriter just relocated to London. Really excited to see what they come up with in the future! The past-expiry-date artist?

Jesper: Is it just me, or are Iron Maiden and AC/DC played out? What was your most guilty pleasure this year?

Jesper: I think it’s Attila for all of us. The lyrics are horrendous, the music is pretty neanderthal-like, and Fronz is… Well, he’s Fronz. But man, does it make you wanna have a good time! What should we expect from Ghost Iris in 2017?

Jesper: We have a lot of crazy things coming up. We just can’t tell you any details. But a lot of it revolves around the release of our sophomore album. So expect the wildest stuff from Ghost Iris yet! What do you personally look forward to in 2017 in terms of Ghost Iris?

Jesper: Tours, music, tours and music. Music in general?

Jesper: I’m personally looking forward to seeing what Architects are going to do. And just in general?

Jesper: Life, and the best year for Ghost Iris yet! What should people expect from your concert this Saturday?

Jesper: They should expect Ghost Iris on a whole new level!

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