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Machinemade God is the newest hardcore/metal hybrid to enter the scene, and they're giving a strong statement with their debut album "The Infinity Complex", which hits the stores momentarily. Our scribe Mikkel Schläger decided to send the band a short email questionnaire to find out what the band thinks about their debut, their tour plans, why the have such a strange name and what does the future hold in bag for the band! Read more to see what their vocalist Flo had to say to our questions. To start with, can you introduce yourselves and your band for those who might not know you?

Flo: Hi, I'm Flo, vocalist in Machinemade God. Then we have Holger and Sky on guitar, Sven on bass and Max on the drums. How would you describe your music?

Flo: Metalmusic in a Hardcoreband. Fast, aggressive, catchy melodies and harmonics without sounding cheesy, heavy breakdowns. Your debut album "The Infinity Complex" hits stores in Febuary. Can you tell us what to expect from it?

Flo: 13 tracks, 11 with vocals, really brutal sound and an outstanding production. Are you satisfied with the result of the album, and how do you feel about it?

Flo: Yeah, it all turned out really well, and there's nothing we would change about the album in any way. The album was produced by Jakob Bredahl of danish Hatesphere. How was he like working with, and are you satisfied with what he did with the album?

Flo: Jacob did an amazingly good job and the result just blew all of is away. He got a lot of experience, since he's doing vocals for Hatesphere and Allhelluja and playing guitar in Barcode so he knows how things work and how they have to sound right. It's been good times when we worked together. What is your own favorite song off the album?

Flo: Kiss me now Kill me later. I like the Mosh part and the blastbeats and the crowbar-esque ending. If you could go back and change something on the album, would you do it?

Flo: No, not really. I imagine that your band name is somehow linked to the music you play. Why did you choose the name?

Flo: We're not here to tell people what they should believe in but it seems like our bandname makes a lot of people start thinking about it, which is good, cause that was one goal we had, to make people stop just consuming and start thinking about what they do, believe and so on. We all believe in something but not in God the way the church is preaching it. The church is an institution ran by humans and it seems that people believe more in the church than in God. Can you name some of your favorite bands, and some of the bands that you draw much inspiration from?

Flo: Misfits, The Clash, Integrity, Iron Maiden, old 18VISIONS, Throwdown, BLEEDING THROUGH, Death Threat, Nerve Agents, and so many more. I guess everything you listen to is influencing you in some way. How do you think you are going to evolve your sound on future albums?

Flo: Since we are all really open-minded and not fixated on certain things I guess evolution finds it way automatically. I think that we gonna try out things a bit, but who knows? Last year you were signed by Metal Blade Records. How is that collaboration working out for you?

Flo: So far really good. They are all really nice doods and so far there's nothing to complain about. The promotional work is insane. They are really doing a great job! How has touring been for you so far, when you have not released a full length album yet?

Flo: Getting shows as an unsigned band is pretty hard, cause there are so many out there. We really had to work hard for the shows we played. Now we're working with a booking agency an hopefully all this will be a bit easier then. I understand that you have played with bands like God Forbid, As I Lay Dying and Caliban amongst others? How was it like playing with some of those guys?

Flo: We're pretty god friends with the guys in Caliban since years, so it was nothing special to play with them, but it's been fun. With the other bands it was a bit more special to us, but in the end they are all dudes in bands playing music, just like us and the million other bands out there. But they all have been really nice! Can you name the highlight of 2005 for you?

Flo: Getting signed by Metal Blade and knowing that our CD will finally be released. Can you describe the craziest thing that has ever happened to you while you were on stage performing?

Flo: Well, not really crazy, more embarrassing. I stood on top of the monitor box and when the mosh part started I wanted to jump off the box. Unfortunately when I jumped, Sky rose his guitar in the same moment. Since it was a small stage, my feet got stuck in the cable and I fall on my back and I was sliding 2 or 3 meters over the stage. I guess that looked really stupid. When will we see you on a full-scaled European tour? And will you stop by Denmark?

Flo: We're working on a tour. It's either before or after the summer-festivals. As far as I know we gonna stop in Denmark. If not we come out for a weekend then. Which festivals are you hoping to play this year?

Flo: I'd love to play SummerBreeze, With Full Force and Fury Fest. And all those small HC-Summer-Fests. Other that that, what are your plans for 2006?

Flo: Playing as many shows as possible, a European tour, writing new material. Thanks a lot for the interview, do you have a final thought for your fans?

Flo: Thank you for the interview and the interest and everyone out there, support your local scene and never lose the fun in what you are doing!

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