Week In Retrospect - Sunday 24. October

Posted by AP on 25/10/10

Good morning, readership! Do yourselves a favor and browse through last week's album reviews because the grades awarded were quite high (on average). There's even one potential candidate for album of the year in there, not to mention a re-re-formation of the legendary heavy metal band Accept. Four gig reviews as well for your reading pleasure.

We are nearing the completion of the new design now, with NB currently working on a number of nice intuitive features for our search. Call me an optimist, but give it another two or three weeks and Rockfreaks 2.0 will be online. While you're waiting for that though, have a browse through the rest of this week's content and remember to follow and recommend us to the people in your lives on Facebook.

Album Of The Week:

Frank And Earnest - Old Francis

Live Reviews:

Architects @ Academy, Bristol

Dimmu Borgir @ Store Vega, Copenhagen

Biffy Clyro @ Store Vega, Copenhagen

Kill The Rooster @ BETA, Copenhagen

Album Reviews (Ordered by date of submission):

Transgression - As Tides Change EP [7]

War From A Harlots Mouth - MMX [7]

Sed Non Satiata - Sed Non Satiata [6½]

Same As Sunday - Earn Your Stripes EP [8]

Kerretta - Vilayer [8]

Angrepp - Warfare [6½]

Terror - Keepers Of The Faith [7]

Bleeding Through - Bleeding Through [7]

The Sleeping - The Big Deep [7½]

Tides Of Man - Dreamhouse [7½]

Ride Your Bike - The Connection [7]

Accept - Blood Of The Nations [8]

Privilege Of Approval - Privilege Of Approval EP [5]

Proghma-C - Bar-Do Travel [6½]

Frank And Earnest - Old Francis [9]

Kom - Berry White [7]

Collapse Under The Empire - The Sirens Sound [8]

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