Week In Retrospect - Sunday 19. December

Posted by AP on 21/12/10

In the heat of writing 'til our fingers bleed, we must once again apologise for not remembering to post our weekly round-up on time. But, as the old proverb goes, better late than never. I shall not waste your time with pointless babble; instead, get right down to browsing through the heaps of reviews posted again last week.

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Album Of The Week:

Last Lungs - Look At That Old Grizzly Bear

Gig reviews:

Deftones @ KB Hallen, Copenhagen

Shrinebuilder @ Scala, London

Album Reviews (Ordered by date of submission):

Abigail Williams - In The Absence Of Light [5]

Be My Doppelganger - No Composure [6½]

The Cold Beat - Get Safe [7]

Katra - Out Of Ashes [8]

Nox Aurea - Ascending In Triumph [8]

Paper Arms - Days Above Ground [7]

Latin For Truth - Diatribe Or Die! [7]

The Gay Blade - Savages [8]

Bradley Hathaway - athousandangrypanthers EP [7]

Spirit Fangs - Spirit Fangs EP [6½]

Balmorhea - Constellations [8]

A Swarm Of The Sun - Zenith [7½]

Gold Standard - CDEP [7½]

Solar Bear - Captains Of Industry EP [7]

Hellogoodbye - Would It Kill You [7½]

Eastern Conference Champions - Sante Fe EP [7]

True Bypass - True Bypass [7]

Various Artists - The Music Of Artisanship & War Volume III [7]

Therion - Sitra Ahra [6]

The Statler Project - Your Opinion My Opinion EP [7½]

Slimy Cunt & The Fist Fucks - Bastards EP [6½]

Psycho - Psycho EP [4]

Jump Back Jake And The Echo-Friendly - Still Not Sorry [6]

Martyr Defiled - Collusion [7]

Left Side Brain - Rifftrospective [7]

Sully Erna - Avalon [6]

Let's Talk Daggers - Blankets EP [8]

Obsidian - Point Of Infinity [8]

Shadows Chasing Ghosts - The Golden Ratio [6]

Heinali And Matt Finney - Lemonade EP [7]

A Band Of Orcs - Warchiefs Of The Apocalypse [3]

The Pretty Reckless - Light Me Up [7]

Del Rey - Immemorial [7½]

Last Lungs - Look At That Old Grizzly Bear [8½]

By The Patient - Servants [8]

The Guilty Brothers Experience - TGBE [7]

The New Up - Gold EP [6½]

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